Fan Q&A | Nick Grigg

Fan Q&A | Nick Grigg

Best moments in rugby, hypotheticals and cheat meals - Nick Grigg sat down with Warrior magazine earlier this year to answer your questions on anything and everything...

Who has
the worst chat in the team? – Oli Kebble via Instagram

Got to go
with Alex Allan here. He thinks he’s good, but he really isn’t…

more satisfying – making a bit hit or running through someone for a line break?
– Ross Lamont via Twitter

I’d say
making a line break, but it’s close…

Domino’s pizza? – Justine Westwood via Twitter

I’d go half
and half, Texas BBQ and Pepperoni Passion.

Have you
always been a centre? – Adam Winter via Instagram

No, actually
– I was a loose-head prop at Wellington U13s. I grew out of that though!

Would you
rather fight a horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses? Amanda Pirrie via

duck-sized horses, without a doubt. A massive duck would kill you, whereas
you’d have the size advantage over the 10 smaller horses.

My 12-year-old
grandson loves playing rugby and wants to become a professional. Would you
recommend it as a career, and at what age did you decide it was for you? –
Niall Cameron via Facebook

absolutely recommend it. For me, it was ever since I started playing to be
honest – it’s hard to pinpoint an exact age I decided I wanted to be a

What was
your favourite game you’ve played for Scotland? – Ross Paterson via Instagram

Probably my
second Calcutta Cup game, the one at Twickenham last year. It was just an
absolutely incredible match to be a part of.

friend in the squad? – Laura_h via Instagram

I have lots
of best friends in the squad, so I can’t possibly pick one…

hitter in the squad? – Michael David via Instagram

Turner or Tom Gordon, probably. I’ve been hit a few times by both of them and
they’re both up there.

Do you
love doughnuts? – Preston Young via Instagram

I do.
Tantrum Doughnuts are a particular favourite…

What got
you into rugby? – Emma Fraser via Instagram

My dad –
that whole side of my family loves rugby, so he was the one that first got me
into playing at a club.

How do
you relax away from rugby? – blondescot81 via Instagram

I play quite
a lot of PlayStation, to be honest!

book, band and city? – @killermontmum via Twitter

I Am Pilgrim
by Terry Hayes, Six 60 and either Berlin or Vancouver – too close to call.

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