Fan Q&A | Huw Jones

Fan Q&A | Huw Jones

Will he ever play in the forwards? What's his favourite cheat meal? And which Disney "banger" is his go-to hype song? Huw Jones answers the important questions...

This Q&A originally appeared in Issue 5 of Warrior, the official magazine of Glasgow Warriors

I’m eight and I want to play for the Warriors when I grow up. What advice can you give me? I play for a minis team at the moment and you are my favourite player so any advice would be fab – Rory Partridge

Work hard. That’s one of the biggest things about being a Warrior, and it’s something the coaches look for in each player. If you work hard, you’re on the right track.

Which players would you most like to play with in your “dream team”? – Fiona Ward

I’d probably say Dan Carter – one of the best players of all time.

Where’s the best place you’ve been to? – Amy McVitie

I’d say the Bahamas, that was an excellent holiday.

Curry or chips? You can’t say both – mynamesnikkih

Tricky. I’ll say chips.

Have you ever thought about pulling a reverse Vernon and playing at number eight? – Alan Greenwood

No, absolutely not. I’ve seen the forwards do their unit sessions – they’re going full blast at all times, whilst we backs are just sitting around talking about our feelings and passing the ball around. I’m happy where I am!

What products do you use on your hair? – bobby_spray

I’ve just bought some my barber uses, so whatever my barber recommends really!

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? – Oli Kebble

I used to absolutely hate it, but if you get me on the right day it’s actually not bad. I’m not against it, but I wouldn’t actively seek it out either.

What’s your favourite biscuit? – Derick McNally

Oh this is an important one, let me think… I’ll say a chocolate chip cookie, I think.

Favourite Scotland game? – Jamie Christie

It’s got to be the England game at BT Murrayfield in 2018. What a match.

Favourite boots you’ve ever worn? – Brodie Young

Probably the old Adidas RS7s – they were super light, but they don’t make them anymore.

Lemon drizzle or carrot cake? – Finlay Gray

Lemon drizzle by a country mile. Why would you put a vegetable in a cake?!

What’s your pre-match music? – James Kennedy

I’ve got a playlist of my favourite Disney songs. They get me surprisingly pumped up before a match. There are a couple from Aladdin, and there’s that absolute banger from Mulan. That’s my favourite, without question.

Who got you into rugby? – Kirsty_b.3344

My dad and my older brother. My dad used to take me along to the rugby club – I think I made my debut for the U6s when I was four! We used to play in the back garden, so they were the two that got me into it.

What’s the best advice you could give to your younger self? – Aoisewitts

I actually read a good quote the other day, which was ‘don’t take criticism from anyone you wouldn’t take advice from’. That’s stuck with me.

What were you thinking when you received THAT pass from Finn v England in 2018? – frsrpckn

Run, mostly! There was a lot of space in front of me, so I just wanted to make as much ground as possible before I got tackled.

How’s Louie [Huw’s dog]? – Hannah Addison

Louie’s great, thanks for asking. He actually had an ear infection during lockdown, but he’s fully recovered and fully house trained now.

Who’s got the best nickname? – roan_lyons07

Probably Grant Stewart, whose nickname is Cheese. He’s really quiet, and on his first day of training he didn’t say anything to anyone until someone offered him some cheese at lunch and he said yes. So it stuck from there really.

Biggest rugby inspirations growing up? – Daniel Wilson

Brian O’Driscoll. He was the best centre in the world when I was growing up.

Is Adam Hastings the best-looking bloke you’ve ever played with? – Adam Hastings

Not even close. I wouldn’t even have him in the top 10 to be honest.

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