Fan Q&A | Gregor Brown

Fan Q&A | Gregor Brown

He’s one of the club’s newest professionals, but how did Gregor Brown cope when you got the chance to grill the back-rower on social media?

This feature originally appeared in Issue 14 of Warrior, the Official Magazine of Glasgow Warriors. To find all issues of Warrior to date, click here.

What exercises do you do to get such big, muscular arms? – Sean Mills

To be honest, I just follow whatever Ollie Smith does. He thinks he thinks he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0

Big spoon or little spoon? – David Ilyine

Has to be big. All day.

When did you start playing rugby? – Jordan Doran

I started playing at school when I was in Primary Six, so I would have been about 10 years old I reckon.

To queue jump or not to queue jump? – Peter Elder

Never. Manners cost nothing.

What do you think about Lucio Sordoni? – Pablo Martinez

He’s a great guy. He’s not just a very physical player, but also somehow a very skilful Uno player too – I’ve never seen him lose a game!

What’s it like playing for Glasgow Warriors – govan.lucas

It’s a dream come true. I remember coming along to games with my dad and thinking how cool it would be to be playing for the Warriors, but never really thought I could get there. Making my debut was a day I’ll never forget.

Are you still on your ban? – Joel Hodgson

I’m missing my old flatmate too much. Think I need a couple drinks down in Newcastle to deal with the separation.

What team did you play for when you were younger? – Louise_home

When I first started playing, I played for my school, Robert Gordon’s College, on Saturdays and then I played for Aberdeen Grammar on Sundays. When I got a bit older, I started playing for Gordonians.

Who’s better, Steve or Jane? – Zander Fagerson

My mum Jane’s home baking has to be better than Steve’s.

Funniest name you got called for being ginger? – Obrien_brodie

Sadly it’s a nickname that still hangs on to me now, but Sherman from the American Pie movies.

What’s behind that hand, Gregor? – Ollie Smith

A horrendously swollen cauliflower ear. No point lying.

What’s your secret to being so handsome? – Andrew McInnes

Two haircuts per month and keep the beard trimmed.

Gordonians or Aberdeen Grammar? – aminio.b

Has to be Gordonians.

Why are you so orange? – Matt Minogue

I’m a true Scotsman through and through!

When is your birthday? – jj_mac_9

I was born on July 1 2001.

If you could play in any other position, which one would it be and why? – Taylor Forbes

Anywhere in the backs – basically anywhere you don’t have to maul! I fancy myself as a centre, I reckon…

Which player has the best neighbour? – w2kx

Ollie Smith pays his neighbour to clean his flat. That’s just pretty lazy if you ask me.

Do you like the new kit? – ellisc.2805

I love it. The home is probably my favourite – I love the black and small touches on the design like the shield, it looks really smart.

Why does your ear look so weird? – Murphy Walker

One of my cauliflower ears swelled up really badly. It’s just from working too hard, Murphy.

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