Fan Q&A | Aki Seiuli

Fan Q&A | Aki Seiuli

From hair tips to haggis suppers - we put your questions to Aki Seiuli as the loose-head continues his second season with the club…

This article originally appeared in Issue 6 of Warrior, the official magazine of Glasgow Warriors.

Does he still use his nickname we gave him? – Shannon Frizzell

I’ve got heaps of nicknames! There are a couple that still get used for sure.

Have you tried haggis yet, and if so did you like it? – Robert Stewart

Yes, and I absolutely love it. There was a fish and chip shop in Stirling, and that was the first place I’d ever tried deep-fried haggis – it was unreal!

Why do you paint your nails? – Zander Fagerson

Because I’m not a sheep, Zander…

Did you let Oli Kebble loose on your hair? – delrugby

We’ll go with yes. It was a loose-head thing.

Why did you choose to be a rugby player? – rugby_fraser

I just love the sport. I was brought up playing it and it was always something I wanted to do.

What got you into rugby? – Ewan Paterson

Probably watching Jonah Lomu as a kid, to be honest. I’ve always been a prop, but I was always trying to do Jonah things!

Who cuts your hair? I’ll get them for you – Zander Fagerson (and a few others…)

Yasmine [Zander’s wife]. So any complaints about the hair, direct them to Zander!

What’s the best bit about being a Weegie? – lucash3066

That’s a tough one, there are a lot of good things about being an adopted Weegie! I might have to skip over that one, picking one thing is tricky.

Did you have to give up a lot as a kid to make it to professional rugby? – Ethan Wilson

I had to put my studies on hold a bit – I was pretty much straight into pro rugby when I came out of school. Other than that, it’s just been a lot of hard work really.

Favourite song? – George Thornton

Dior by Pop Smoke

Is Jamie Dobie a good team-mate to play with? – George Connolly

Oh man, he’s such a good guy to play with. He’s ahead of his time – for a young bloke he’s an incredibly mature player.

Favourite try? – ben_1939_bh

There was one I scored against Counties Manakau, where I scored off one of [coach] Tony Brown’s special lineout moves.

What made you move to Glasgow? – luc_gio009

Dave Rennie got in touch and brought me over. I’d always wanted to come over and play in the northern hemisphere, and it was just a really good fit.

Are you enjoying playing for Glasgow? – Logan Mearns

I’m loving it. The team is a great bunch of guys and the fans have been so welcoming since I came to Glasgow.

Best player you’ve played with and against? – ross_fitz

I’d say Ben Smith is the best player I’ve ever played with. As for against, probably David Pocock.

Is Tom Gordon’s lid better than yours? – cammy_b21

Yes, but only because I do his hair!

When did you start playing rugby and for what team? – Adam Farrel

I was 10 when I played my first match, and it was for a club called Harlequins in Timaru, New Zealand.

Apart from the weather, what challenges have you faced since moving to Glasgow? – Angie Barclay

The style of play took a bit of getting used to – there’s a lot more focus on the set-piece in the northern hemisphere, whereas I was used to the open, running game from Super Rugby.

Favourite traditional Scottish meal? – @LadyGrimwood

Got to go with a full Scottish breakfast. Always a top choice.

Link or lorne sausage for breakfast? – @dougl84 and Iain Hay

That’s a tricky one, I love both! If I had to pick, though, I’d probably go with link.

Coolest hair cut at the Warriors (except you!)? – Daniel Paterson

I’ve got to say either TJ [Ioane] or Niko [Matawalu]. They’re both pretty cool.

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