You Said, We Did

At Glasgow Warriors we want to make sure we are continually listening to and acting on the feedback we are receiving from you.

There are several ways you can communicate with us when sharing your feedback, both good and bad. Though we won’t be able to react to every piece of feedback we will do our best to share improvements we are making and projects we’re working on.

This ‘You Said, We Did’ page aims to demonstrate the actions we’re taking to improve match days and facilities around our home at Scotstoun Stadium.

(Updated February 2023)

To keep in touch with Glasgow Warriors, you can:

    • Message us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@GlasgowWarriors)
    • Email,
    • Write to Glasgow Warriors, Scotstoun Stadium, 112 Danes Drive, Glasgow G14 9HD
    • Get in touch with Members of our Supporters Group, including the XVIth Warrior, and The Glasgow Warriors Supporters’ Forum
    • Speak to members of the Scotstoun Squad on Match Days
    • Contact our Ticket Centre

Introduce more activities for children on game days

At selected games children can take part in our new passing challenge and at each home game we have Glasgow Warriors tattoos in the Clubhouse.

We have introduced one-off activations such as our Silent Disco at the Bath match in January and the player meet and greet on the pitch at our 1872 Cup fixture with Edinburgh in December. We will do this again before the end of the season.

At our Family Day in January, for the Stormers match, we worked with Scotstoun Primary School to announce the team and form our Guard of Honour. Our intention is to do this more often with more of the schools in our local area.

Also, in future, we are looking at having inflatable games pre-match for children to get involved with.

Re-introduce the podcast with a player co-host

At the outset of the season, we introduced our brand-new podcast, The Squadcast, which is a weekly publication, released on Wednesdays. Our Media Manager, Craig Wright, co-hosts with prop Murphy Walker. The Squadcast is available through Glasgow Warrior’s Spotify page, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


Improve the welcome on arrival at Scotstoun Stadium

At the beginning of the season, we ran a new recruitment drive for our volunteer network, Scotstoun Squad. We have had excellent uptake from around 50 volunteers ready to get involved, and we’re continuing to work hard with them to ensure your match days are the best they can be.

We have paid particular attention in deploying  Scotstoun Squad at the main entrances to the stadium, both from Danes Drive and Scotstounhill Train Station, to give you a warm welcome and hand out flags.

Soon, SP Energy Networks will sponsor the Scotstoun squad to help us develop the work they are doing and to ensure when you arrive at Scotstoun Stadium they are visible for you in case you need help finding anything around the stadium.

Improve the drinks offerings available at kiosks

This season we introduced Drygate Brewery’s flagship IPA, Seven Peaks, providing supporters with a local craft beer option on match nights.

We are currently in discussions with potential gin partners to introduce a Scottish made House Gin.


Make more healthy eating options, including gluten free and vegan offerings

We have made sure every kiosk has a gluten free option available across the stadium. We are currently looking at options to improve our food offering going into season 2023/24, to make sure there is more variety and better quality.

Make the time clocks and scoreboard more visible to North Stand ticket holders

Previously we used different time clocks for league and European competitions, because of the different Commercial rights for each competition.

We are now in a position where we can use the same clocks for both competitions and simply update the sponsorship that appears on them for each. These scoreboards sit in the North West and South East corners of the stadium and are visible from all stands.

We are looking at the possibility of adding a scoreboard into the main stand that is clear for North Stand ticket holders to see. In the meantime, we have included a scoreboard on our big screen so it can be seen from all stands.


Have players and Clyde meeting fans pre-match

Now that we no longer have any COVID-19 restrictions to contend with all our non-playing players are mingling and taking part in pre-match activities around the stadium.

Each player is briefed on activities to get involved with so if you are in hospitality, or taking part in club and school games, or just here to enjoy the game there will be plenty of opportunities to meet players and gather signatures wherever you are in the stadium. Clyde is also out and about pre-game and is always happy to get his picture with you.

Have more activities for supporters to enjoy at half-time

This season we have re-introduced half-time entertainment. So far we have had high-ball kicking and beat the player running challenges. In addition, there have been on-pitch performances from the Scottish Power Pipe Band, Strathclyde University Cheerleaders, and the Celia Orr School of Dance.

Increase interaction between the crowd and match announcer, utilising the big screen

We have been working with our announcing and audio/visual teams to enhance the match experience. Utilising our Spotify playlists and current trends across sport, we have updated the music and are working with our players to increase and decrease the music at points pre-game that helps them get ready for the match.

We have also introduced ‘countdown’ and ‘We Are Warriors’ animations on our big screen to cue the crowd to get involved at key points in the game. In addition, we’re working with our announcers to enhance the atmosphere and cue call-and-responses at vital parts of the game and spur our players on.

Thanks for your on going support and if you have any feedback please get in touch.

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