Supporters Group Minutes | Thursday 4 July 2024

Supporters Group Minutes | Thursday 4 July 2024

The minutes from the Glasgow Warriors Supporters Group on Tuesday 4 July 2024


Glasgow Warriors: Cameron MacAllister

Supporters: Mark Anderson, David Arnott, Morag Boyter, Colleen Brandon, Ali Carberry, Irene Cowan, Kevin Millar, Iain Papworth, Andy Sime, Robert Stuart, David Valentine, Kyle Walsh

Apologies: Kenny Brown, Stewart Croll, Al Kellock, Ken Milne, Catriona Morrison


      • Mark Anderson on behalf of the group shared that Glasgow Warriors’ fan engagement was second to none and that should continue.
      • The group agreed the homecoming event worked very well, with great player interaction and a good format.
      • The group agreed that the temporary stands installed for 2023/24, and to be in place for future seasons, had made a significant difference to fan experience in the past season. Particularly because more supporters wanting to spend time around their seats.
      • The group shared that Hector and Harriet Coffee, Salt and Chilli Chicken and the autograph books were all particularly well received additions to the match day experience. Also, Ryan Wilson’s interactions with supporters had been very good.
      • Andy Sime and Kyle Walsh shared fan feedback they’d received, particularly from people who had tried out different sporting and music events across Glasgow. They shared that Glasgow Warriors events were very good for atmosphere, crowd support from volunteers, and closeness to the action.
      • Cameron MacAllister shared that the format of the group would be similar in 2024/25. That Stewart Croll is stepping down and a new member is to be found. There will be a public request for a new volunteer to join the group.


      • CM ACTION: To look at developing an action tracker for reference to repetitive feedback and progress made.
      • CM ACTION: To share 2024/25 dates with the group and advertise for a new member.
      • CM ACTION: To feedback issues with Champions t-shirt and share suggested ideas for other Champions merchandise.
      • CM ACTION: To provide an update on how the new reusable cups will work and when they will be introduced for 2024/25.
      • CM ACTION: To feedback to operations on parking ballot and investigate issues of local disabled parking bays being used by supporters.
      • AK ACTION: If appropriate, to provide an update on stadium development plans following league success at the next meeting.
      • KB ACTION: To investigate a better solution for portable toilets next to the Clubhouse.
      • KB ACTION: To investigate a new position for the digital advertising boards in front of the north stand.
      • KB ACTION: To share an update on potential options for alcohol-free and non-caffeinated soft drinks.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 1 October 2024

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