Ollie Smith becomes ambassador for Give Blood 4 Good

Ollie Smith becomes ambassador for Give Blood 4 Good

Ollie Smith has been announced as Give Blood 4 Good’s (GB4G) first ambassador. Ollie will be working with the charity to raise awareness of blood donation among young people in Scotland.

From school talks, to sharing social content, to participating in interviews Ollie will share his personal commitment to blood donation with communities across the country and why it’s so important to give blood.

GB4G was founded in 2019 in memory of Ollie’s brother Patrick, who was extremely passionate about blood donation – so much so that he donated blood on the first day he was able to, on his 17th birthday.

Give Blood 4 Good is on a mission to get as many young people to donate blood as possible so that everyone who needs a blood transfusion can receive one.

As part of his ambassadorial role, Ollie will be supporting GB4G deliver school talks to S5 and S6 students across Scotland to discuss the importance of blood donation. As part of these talks, Ollie and the charity will encourage schools to participate in their Young Ambassador Programme.

Martha Greenbank Co-Founder of Give Blood 4 Good said, “We are delighted to welcome Ollie as our first ever GB4G Ambassador.

“As a regular blood donor since 2019, Ollie’s dedication to raising awareness of how easy and important it is to give blood has been incredibly inspiring for so many people already.

“Together, we’re looking forward to encouraging more young people in Scotland to give blood as soon as they’re able, leaving behind a bright legacy in Patrick’s memory while doing so.”

Ollie has been donating blood for several years and has continued to do so in memory of his brother.

“Patrick’s passion for donating blood was so inspiring and the fact that we can honour his legacy with the charity is brilliant,” Ollie said.

“Blood transfusions are vital for surgeries and various other treatments so spreading awareness for blood donation is crucial in helping and benefiting other people’s lives.”

If you’d like to find out more about Give Blood 4 Good, the work they do, or how to donate yourself, click here.

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