Tom Jordan looks ahead to next block of games

Tom Jordan looks ahead to next block of games

Tom Jordan has been a player to watch this season at Glasgow Warriors.  Getting his first try against Edinburgh at the 1872 Cup and with his kicking game getting stronger week by week, Jordan spoke with about what is in store for the team over their next few games.

Reflecting back on the games just past Jordan said “We had a few really good games, a really good winning streak. The game against bath we drew, it probably came at the right time.

“It wasn’t in the URC competition, so it didn’t hinder us in that effect and we were already through in the Challenge Cup. But it was a good reality check that we need to be on our game every time we go out.

“Then going into the Dragons game, it is tough place to go to play down there.  To get a good bonus point win down there is awesome and was good in term of setting us up into this break and into the next block.”

Looking ahead to the next block of games including Ulster at home next week, Jordan says the team knows the games are going to be tough but that the squad will keep taking it game by game as they progress.

“The focus is just to take it step by step, keep building every game and stacking wins together.

“Ulster at home is going to be a massive game, then Lions away to South Africa which will be tough.  It’s their summer so we will need to adapt to the heat and altitude pretty quickly, they will be a big challenge.

“Then we have a short turn around going into Zebre. It’s big three weeks coming up. It’s just getting everyone on the same page and getting our standards right. If we do that we can really springboard into the back end of the season.”

While some might be missing the 16 Glasgow Warriors players currently in Scotland camp, Tom Jordan highlights the benefits of missing some otherwise key players.

“A lot of our leaders and starting players are away at Scotland which is an amazing opportunity and achievement for them.  But it has also left a bit of a gap for players to step up into a bit more of a leadership role in our huddles and meetings.

“I think when we do come back together, it will make us better as a team, because boys have had the opportunity that we can step up and play our part while part of the team is away.  Hopefully we will be even stronger as we come into the back end of the season.

“We will be alright, we have a great depth of players and great talent in our team. It’s awesome.  That is what we pride our team on, is being a great team, not just the starting XV or 23, but the whole squad.  It is a great opportunity for everyone to take it to the next level up.”

On his own development over the season, Jordan is keen to keep improving and make the most of every opportunity he can.

“It’s been an awesome season so far. I’m just trying to get 1% better everyday and work on the little things I know I need to work on.  Obviously for me, playing 10 is a vocal position, so I’m trying to take more of a leadership role in the next few weeks.  That’s a little goal of mine.

“We just need to all keep chipping away and it’ll be great for us all.”

Glasgow Warriors next home game is against Ulster on Friday 17 February.  Tickets and more information can be found here.

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