Varsity Match Day Information

We look forward to welcoming you to Scotstoun Stadium, the home of Glasgow Warriors.

Below is the key information for planning your visit, and what you can expect on match day.

Match Tickets

The easiest way to browse and purchase Glasgow Warriors match tickets is via our Ticketmaster event page at

Full details, including ticket pricing and stadium categorisation, can be viewed at

Your digital match ticket(s) will be delivered to the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App no later than 5 working days prior to the match.

Please download the app HERE to access your match ticket(s). If you have purchased for family or friends, you must transfer these tickets to each person in your group once they have downloaded the app. (You don’t need to do this for junior or child tickets). Full details on the app can be viewed at:

Getting to Scotstoun Stadium

There is no public parking available at Scotstoun Stadium on match-day. We recommend using public transport to get to and from the games and offer free bus travel to and from the game with First Bus.

Full details can be found at

Entering the Stadium

Gates will open at 4.30pm for general admission tickets.

Event Map (PDF)

Please note, vendors are subject to change for each event.


The University of Strathclyde’s national championship-winning cheer team, the Strathclyde Warriors, will be entertaining the crowd on the night, having previously featured at Scotstoun during Glasgow Warriors match nights.
The official mascot of Strathclyde Sports Union, Strathosaurus, will also be in attendance.


Alcohol will be ONLY available to purchase from HALF TIME of the women’s game only due to restrictions set by the venue. Bars are located within the Main Stand as well as two external bars to the East and West of the stands.
Please note: At Glasgow Warriors events we are obliged to follow Glasgow City Council licensing regulations delivered at all Glasgow sports events. This means all drinks served at our kiosks and food vans are decanted into cups.


We are delighted to offer a range of food and drinks at Scotstoun.

Our Main Stand will be offering pies and chicken goujons with a choice of sauce.

In the East we have Burgers by StrEat Scullery offering Classic Burgers Menu, all your favourite burgers made just the way you like. Choose from their classic Cheeseburger, made with prime Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef pattie, topped with Arran Cheddar, served on a toasted bun with salad garnish. Or opt for their Crispy Cod Fillet Burger. Veggies will love their unique Veggie Bhaji Burger, which can also be made vegan. Gluten free buns available on request, and top with your choice of ketchup or mustard.

Salt & Chilli Chicken will set up in the West with their generous portions of crispy spicy chicken breast, seasoned to perfection and served with fresh peppers, onions and chillies, or cheese. Spice seekers can even top with curry sauce for an extra kick, and their fries are vegan. Not to be missed!

Hector & Harriet: Will be in the East and West offering a range of speciality coffee and hot chocolates. Their coffee is fairtrade with a choice of alternative milks. Plus, delicious freshly made and vegan friendly churros, gluten free tray bakes and vegan empire biscuits.

There are two container bars one in the east and the other in the west. We will also have kiosks open in the and Main Stand.

Matchday Information & FAQs

  • Bag Policy

    Bags small enough to fit under your seat are permitted.

    There are no bag drop facilities.

    The only exceptions for larger bags are those required for health reasons (including parents with young children). We assume no responsibility for bags in venue.

    As all bags will be searched (medical and childcare exemptions apply) so allow plenty of time to get to your seats ahead of kick-off.

  • Cameras

    Pocket sized cameras are permitted, however large professional cameras are not. By small, we mean pocket size digital cameras or SLR cameras with zoom lenses no more powerful than 300mm. Tripods are not permitted.


  • First Aid

    If you feel unwell during your visit to Scotstoun Stadium, please inform the nearest steward. A first aid facility is available at the south east corner of the stadium.

  • Lost property

    Please contact Glasgow Club Scotstoun:

    Tel: 0141 276 1620

    For lost season tickets please contact Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre on 0141 435 4374 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm) or e-mail

  • Payment

    While on site, supporters should pay with contactless or card payments where possible.

  • Plastic Bottles

    Plastic bottles of soft drinks or water cannot be brought into the stadium. No alcohol can be brought into the stadium.

    In addition, bottles purchased at catering outlets are decanted into plastic tumblers.

    Spectators required to bring a bottle/container on medical grounds should make themselves known to a steward upon arrival at the Stadium to have their bottle permitted.

    Children’s drinks in sachets or cartons are allowed.

  • Prohibited Items
        • ALCOHOL of any sort
        • Laser pens or any other item that emits a laser beam
        • Banners/flags must be under 1m long and be on a pole no thicker then 1cm
        • TRIPODS

    Please Note:

        • Smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vaporisers is prohibited
        • Bags should be small enough to fit under your seat.
        • Bagpipes and other musical instruments are permitted.
        • Small items such as small umbrellas (that fit in a small bag), selfie sticks, and sporrans are permitted.
        • Medical & Childcare bags are permitted but may be subject to searches on arrival.
        • Bottles may be permitted on medical grounds.
  • Recycling

    The majority of food packaging at Scotstoun Stadium is compostable. There are also a number of colour-coded bins available for supporters to use around the stadium, making it easier to recycle a variety of products.

  • Smoking

    Scotstoun Stadium is a strictly no-smoking venue, including all external areas. Stewards will be enforcing the policy at all times.

  • Weather

    Weather updates are available at

  • Ground Rules

    All persons entering the stadium at Scotstoun are admitted only subject to these rules, the bye-laws of Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Life and the ticket conditions applicable to the match.

    Entry to the ground shall be deemed to constitute unqualified acceptance of all these rules and regulations

    Scotstoun Stadium ground rules

    a. All persons entering the stadium are admitted subject to the condition that they may be required to submit to search to prevent unauthorised items or dangerous articles being brought into the stadium which might be used to cause injury or damage to persons or property

    b. All matches are played in accordance with the laws of the game of rugby football as framed by the International Rugby Board and where applicable, such additional regulations and guidance produced by Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Life

    c. Tickets are issued to club members, debenture holders and others for their personal use only, unless with the prior agreement of Scottish Rugby. Tickets shall be void if re-sold at a premium or for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Scottish Rugby. In the event of any breach of this condition, Scottish Rugby reserves the right to cancel this ticket and to retain the money paid, or, if said person has entered the ground, have them ejected forthwith;

    d. In general, the right of admission is reserved by Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Life and no transfers within the stadium are allowed;

    e. With the exception of authorised press representatives holding accreditation issued by Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Life, no photographs, video recordings, sound recordings or similar may be taken within Stadium without the express prior written approval of Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life. Entry to the stadium may be denied to persons with audio, visual and/or audio visual recording equipment of any sort including without limitation cameras, cassette recorders and microphones. In addition, no transmission, in whole or in part, in any form, or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise is permitted save with a special authorisation in writing by Scottish Rugby, Glasgow Life or their appointed agents. Small amateur cameras are however permitted. By small, we mean pocket size digital cameras or SLR cameras with zoom lenses no more powerful than 300mm. Tripods are not permitted

    f. Only persons specifically authorised in writing by Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life are permitted to offer newspapers, periodicals, foodstuffs, souvenirs or any other articles for sale in the Stadium and any charitable collection will only be permitted within the Stadium with prior written consent of Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life

    g. Without limiting any other remedies it may have, Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life will have the right in the case of any serious or persistent breach of these ground rules to refuse admission to the stadium or eject from the stadium (as applicable) any person. No refund will be payable by Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life if Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life takes any of these actions. The following actions will constitute a serious breach of the ground rules:

    i. the possession of a container which is capable of holding liquid and which, if thrown, would be capable of causing injury to another person

    ii. the possession of alcohol which has not been purchased from an authorised Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life supplier inside the stadium

    iii. being drunk

    iv. the possession of any of the following: knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, airhorns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon or compromise public safety

    v. smoking in any part of the stadium

    vi. persistent standing in seated areas whilst a match is in progress

    vii. the possession of a banner or flag that bears material or slogans which are offensive, obscene, abusive or of a racist, homophobic or discriminatory nature

    viii. the throwing of any object within the Stadium without lawful authority or excuse

    ix. the use of foul, obscene, abusive or racist, homophobic or discriminatory language or gestures

    x. any failure to comply with the instructions of an official, steward or employee of Scottish Rugby or any police officer

    h. Under no circumstances is it permitted to throw any objects, whether on to the pitch or track or otherwise;

    i. Flags on sticks or poles which measure more than 15mm diameter and are longer than 100cm, or any other item which, in the reasonable opinion of Scottish Rugby, its servants or agents, could be used as a weapon, are not allowed within the Stadium. All promotional, commercial, political or religious items of whatever nature, including but not limited to banners, signs, symbols and leaflets are prohibited and may not be brought into the Stadium unless authorised by Scottish Rugby or Glasgow Life

    j. Unnecessary noise such as from the use of air horns, radio sets and behaviour likely to cause confusion, annoyance or nuisance of any kind, including racist, foul and abusive language is not permitted in any part of the Stadium

    k. In accordance with the “Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005, Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2006” smoking within the Stadium is not permitted. Anyone breaching this rule will be asked to refrain from doing so and a refusal will be deemed as a breach of these rules and therefore the offender will be asked to leave the Stadium

    l. Standing up, in seated areas, to view the game whilst in progress are to be discouraged and where it interferes with other spectators, the offending party will be asked to refrain from doing so, refusal will be deemed as a breach of these rules and therefore the offender may be asked to leave the Stadium

    m. Spectators are not permitted to enter the field of play at any time, before, during or after the match period. Any person doing so may be ejected from the Stadium and may be liable for prosecution

    n. In the event of an emergency evacuation broadcast or instructions given over the PA system or by Police or Stewards must be adhered to

    o. Dogs are not permitted within the Stadium with the exception of guide dogs used for the purpose of directing visually impaired persons

    p. Scottish Rugby and Glasgow Life shall be entitled to refuse admission or readmission to, or eject from the Stadium, any person who does not comply with these rules

    q. CCTV cameras may be in use and recordings could be used in any proceedings.

Thank you for your continued support!


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