Ticketing FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Season Ticket Holders and Warrior Nation Members.


  • When do 2024/25 Season Tickets go on sale?

    Glasgow Warriors 2024/25 Season Tickets will be available for 2023/24 Season Ticket holders to renew online from Tuesday 30 April at 10am.

    2024/25 Warrior Nation Members will be able to purchase a Season Ticket in a pre-sale window from Monday 27 May at 10am.

    Season Ticket general sale will begin at 10am on Tuesday 28 May at 10am.

  • When do 2024/25 Warrior Nation Memberships go on sale?

    2024/25 Warrior Nation Memberships will go on general sale from Tuesday 30 April at 10am.

  • When is the deadline to renew my 2023/24 Season Ticket?

    2023/24 Season Ticket holders have until Tuesday 21 May at 11.59pm to renew their current seat.

  • I am a 2023/24 Half-Season Ticket holder. Can I renew my seat for the 2024/25 season?

    All Half-Season Ticket holders have the same access as Full Season Ticket holders and therefore can renew their current seat online from 10am on Tuesday 30 April until 11.59pm on Tuesday 21 May.

  • What are the cut-off dates for each age ticket type?

    The cut-off date for each age category is 31 December 2024. For example, if you are 60 years old on 31 December 2024 you qualify for a senior Season Ticket; if you are 12 years old on 31 December 2024, you would not qualify for an under 12 Season Ticket.


    • ADULT Aged 25 – 59 years old as of 31 December 2024
    • SENIOR Aged 60 years old or over as of 31 December 2024
    • UNDER 25 Aged 16 – 24 years old as of 31 December 2024
    • UNDER 16 Aged 15 years old or under as of 31 December 2024
    • UNDER 12 Aged 11 years old or under as of 31 December 2024


    Please ensure the correct date of birth is assigned to each Season Ticket holder. Checks will be carried out prior to the start of the 2024/25 season.

  • What fixtures are included in a Season Ticket?

    Entry to 1 home pre-season fixture at Scotstoun Stadium.

    Entry to 9 home United Rugby Championship fixtures at Scotstoun Stadium 

    Entry to 2 home Investec Champions Cup fixtures at Scotstoun Stadium 

    Additional play-offs/finals are not included as part of the Season Ticket. Holders will have first access to purchase their seat in pre-sale windows. 

  • Can I upgrade my Season Ticket for individual matches?

    Season Tickets can be upgraded (e.g. from a Child/Junior/Young Adult/Senior to an Adult) for individual matches. Please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre to pay the upgrade fee. 

    Please note tickets can only be upgraded by the Season Ticket holder. 


  • How do I renew my Season Ticket?

    The easiest way to renew your Season Ticket for the season is online.

    Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to renew.

  • How do I assign additional Season Tickets to 'My Network'?

    Each member must have their own ticketing account to be able to assign a season ticket to them. If they need to create an account, please find instructions on how to register and activate an account here: How do I create/activate my account? 

    We appreciate that young children will not have their own access to emails, but we advise parents and guardians where possible, to set one up and manage it for them. Without this you will not be able to manage their tickets online. You can register with the same email address as you currently use on your own account however, Please ensure that you create a different password than the one you use. 

    If the assignee already has a Scottish Rugby ticketing account and cannot locate their client reference number please find guidance here on how to find this. 

    Having people in your network will allow you to manage season tickets, memberships and secure tickets on behalf of your friends and family. 

    You can add each assignee to your network through your ticketing account, this enables you to purchase for them in future and assign the tickets to their individual ticketing accounts. To find out how to do this, please visit: My Network. 

    For answers to other frequently asked questions please visit Ask Scottish Rugby. 

  • Do I get to renew the same seat I had for the 2023/24 season?

    Season Ticket Holders and Half Season Ticket Holders can renew the same seat they had for the 2023/24 season.

    These will be reserved on your account until Tuesday 21 May at 11.59pm. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to renew.

  • Is there a renewal discount price for securing my seat early?

    The renewal period offers supporters the best possible price. Supporters should purchase their 2024/25 Season Ticket before Tuesday 21 May at 11.59pm to get the cheapest priced Season Ticket. Prices will increase by 5% after this deadline.

    All Season Ticket holders that purchase their 2024/25 Season Ticket by Saturday 1 June will be entered into a prize draw to win their Season Ticket for free.

  • I paid for my 2023/24 Season Ticket by direct debit – will it automatically renew for the 2024/25 season? 

    If you paid for your Season Ticket Membership by direct debit in 2023/24, it will NOT be automatically renewed for season 2024/25. 

    Your seats are reserved for you to purchase and there will be an opportunity to set up your season ticket(s) to automatically renew for season 2025/26 by opting into new subscription scheme.


  • I wish to change the location of my seat, how do I do this?

    Whist we understand some members may wish to explore options to upgrade or move seat, all requests will be subject to availability.

    Season Ticket holders can contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre BEFORE they renew on to explore options to upgrade or move their seat with Season Tickets that are currently available.

    We would also encourage those supporters who will NOT be renewing their Season Ticket to cancel via the Ticket Centre at their earliest convenience. This will allow 2024/25 holders the option to move or upgrade to as many seats as possible.

  • I wish to reduce the quantity of Season Tickets I have, how do I do this?

    Please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre by email ticket.centre@sru.org.uk and include your Client Reference Number, as this will allow them to cancel any unwanted tickets. 

  • I wish to transfer ownership of my Season Ticket, how do I do this?

    If you’d like to transfer ownership of your Season Ticket, please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre by emailing ticket.centre@sru.org.uk in writing with your booking reference and the name and address of the person you’d like to assign the ticket/season ticket to. 

    To relinquish the pass(es) from your account for your friend or family member to take ownership, the new Pass holder must have had the pass(es) assigned to them for at least 1 season. 

  • I wish to purchase additional Season Tickets, how do I do this?

    Season Ticket holders will not be able to purchase additional tickets during the renewal period.

    Those looking to purchase additional seats are recommended to wait until general sale or purchase a Warrior Nation Membership to get first access to all available and non-renewed Season Tickets during a pre-sale window.

    Please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre to discuss your options.


  • I am not a 2023/24 Season Ticket holder; can I purchase a Season Ticket?

    Supporters who are looking to purchase a Season Ticket for the first time can wait until general sale (Tuesday 28 May) or purchase a 2024/25 Warrior Nation Membership to get first access to all available and non-renewed Season Tickets during a pre-sale window (Monday 27 May).

  • I am a 2024/25 Warrior Nation Member, how do I purchase?

    If you are a 2024/25 Warrior Nation Member, you will have a priority window in which to log in online and secure your season ticket on Monday 27 May.

    You must ensure you are logged into the account with your membership on it to be able to access your sale. Once logged in you will be able to select your seats from the available seats.

    We strongly advise you check you can access the correct account prior to the sale window opening to avoid any delay in securing your seat on the day.

    To check you are in the correct account, please check the client reference number under your name online matches your membership number on your communication from us. If you need any further assistance with accessing the correct account, please get in touch with the Customer Services team.

  • Can I purchase multiple Season Tickets?

    Yes, you can purchase multiple season tickets if availability allows.

    In our continuous endeavour to provide our fans with the best possible customer experience, both as a member but also on a match day, each Season Ticket holder will now be required to have their Season Ticket in their own name.

    If you are purchasing more than one Season Ticket for yourself and your family/friends, you must assign each ticket to an individual Online Ticketing Account. For instructions on how to reassign please visit How do I assign when purchasing tickets/passes?


  • How can I pay for my Season Ticket?

    Supporters can pay for their Season Ticket via Direct Debit or by Debit/ Credit Card.

    If you pay for any other season tickets by Direct Debit, please use the same bank details as we can only hold one set of details per account.

    Season Tickets purchased after Thursday 1 August can only be paid for via debit or credit card.

    Members who wish to pay by debit/credit card should ensure the account information is correct and the address and contact details match those registered to the card.

  • When are the Direct Debit payments?

    Supporters who wish to pay by Direct Debit will either pay in four or three equal monthly instalments, dependent on when they purchase their season ticket:

    Four payments: If you purchase your Season Ticket before Sunday 30 June you will pay in four equal monthly instalments. Payment will be taken on the following dates: 8 July, 8 August, 9 September and 8 October.

    Three payments: If you purchase your Season Ticket between Monday 1 July – Wednesday 31 July you will pay in three equal monthly instalments. Payment will be taken on the following dates: 8 August, 9 September and 8 October.

  • What is the order processing fee?

    Glasgow Warriors will apply a non-refundable booking fee per match ticket (£1.50) / season ticket (£5) to cover the overheads associated with the processing and issuing of tickets. 

    These fees will be added to bookings at the point of payment. 

  • Under 2s

    From ticketing Terms & Conditions

    4.3 Children under the age of two (2) will be admitted to the Stadium for Matches free of charge if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket for the same Match. Children aged two (2) or over must have a valid Ticket and be accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket for the same Match. Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • Do you have a disability ticketing/membership policy?

    Glasgow Warriors are committed to offering the best experience to all our supporters.

    Our accessible tickets prove excellent value for money. Both the supporter and personal assistant can attend the match at half-price for all Glasgow Warriors home matches. 

    To enquire about or purchase accessible tickets please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre by telephone on 0131 378 1600 or by e-mail: ticket.centre@sru.org.uk for full information.

  • Are there dedicated parking places for blue badge holders?

    There is no public parking available at Scotstoun Stadium on match-day.

    Parking passes for Blue Badge holders and those that require disabled access on matchdays are distributed on a game-by-game basis. 

    Season Ticket Members must register their parking requirements here.

    We will then be in touch ahead of each match with more information on how to enter the ballot for individual matches. 

    Single Match Ticket Purchasers should contact robyn.struthers@glasgowwarriors.org to enquire about parking availability. 

    Glasgow Warriors will work to ensure everyone who needs a space is given one, but for particularly busy matches this will not always be guaranteed. 

    When you arrive at the venue parking attendants will be on hand to assist with getting to your space. 

  • Accessibility services

    Click here for full details on accessibility services at Scotstoun Stadium.



  • What are the benefits of a Season Ticket?

    Click here to view full details on Season Ticket Holder benefits.

  • What are the benefits of a Warrior Nation Membership?

    Click here to view full details on Warrior Nation Membership benefits.

  • Will I receive a membership pack?

    We have moved away from paper-based products, and as Season Ticket cards are now issued digitally, membership packs will no longer be sent by post. Instead, we are introducing giveaways that are exclusive to members and will be delivered throughout the season. Members will also receive a welcome message from our captain at the point of renewal.

  • How can I access tickets to Glasgow Warriors away fixtures?

    For selected away fixtures throughout the season an allocation of tickets will be available to purchase. These fixtures usually include the Investec Champions Cup away matches. 

    Tickets for away matches in the BKT United Rugby Championship should be purchased directly from the home team’s website. 

    When away tickets are available, all members will be contacted by email with details of availability and how to purchase. 

  • Can I access tickets to Scotland Men International fixtures?

    Tickets for Scotland Men international fixtures are NOT available through a Glasgow Warriors Membership. 

    Only Scotland Supporters Club Members are given pre-sale access to all ticket sales during the period of membership, for Scotland games. 

    For full details on this membership click here 


  • What is the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App?

    As part of our ongoing drive to improve access, security and sustainability on matchdays, Glasgow Warriors issue all match tickets and Season Tickets via a FREE Scottish Rugby Ticketing App.

    To download and register for the App, please visit How do I get the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App?

    For full details, please visit ASK Scottish Rugby

  • When will I receive my Season Ticket?

    Season Tickets will be delivered prior to the pre-season fixture at Scotstoun Stadium.

  • Can I use multiple match / season tickets on one mobile device?

    There should only be one match / season ticket per device, all holders (except children or dependants) must download the app so the purchaser can transfer their tickets to their devices in order to enter the stadium.

    For instructions on how to transfer tickets please visit How do I transfer a mobile ticket?

  • How does a child/dependent enter the stadium that does not have a mobile device?

    We understand that not every supporter has a personal mobile device, particularly children or dependents.

    More than one match / season ticket can be loaded to one mobile device. If your child or dependent does not have a mobile device we would recommend loading their ticket(s) to your own smart phone.

    When accessing tickets via the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App, you will be able to swipe between different tickets to find the correct one to scan.

    When approaching the turnstiles at Scotstoun, please have the child or dependents ticket(s) ready first, scan their ticket and let them go through the turnstile before scanning and entering on your own ticket.

  • Can I transfer my Season Ticket to friends/family for games I cannot attend?

    It is possible to transfer your Season Ticket to family or friends as long as they have the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App.

    If you do transfer your Season Ticket it is your responsibility to ensure the pass(es) are transferred back to you, as the Season Ticket is valid for all home games within the regular season and cannot be recalled automatically.

    We strongly suggest only transferring your Season Tickets to a known and trusted friend or family member.

    Click here for full details on the Scottish Rugby Ticketing App.


  • I am a current member, but I’m having issues logging in to my online account.

    Please find guidance on accessing your online ticketing account here.  

    If you require any further assistance, please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre. 

  • How do I update my contact details?

    If any of your contact details have changed (e.g. address, e-mail address, phone number) please update your details on your online account or contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre. 

    Click here for full instructions on how to update/amend your personal details.  

  • How do I ensure I receive all relevant information regarding ticketing throughout the season?

    All member correspondence is done via email. It is vital that you supply us with a full and correct email address on your account to ensure you receive regular updates and DO NOT unsubscribe from any emails. 

    If you think you have unsubscribed, please email info@glasgowwarriors.org to be resubscribed. 

    You can view and update your contact details any time by logging into your Scottish Rugby Online Ticket Centre account. 

  • Why am I not receiving emails? 

    The most common reason for members not receiving emails is due to them unsubscribing from our various mailing lists. 

    The mailing lists we use to communicate with supporters are: 

    1. Glasgow Warriors Operational Mailing List

    (These are not promotional emails and contain important information regarding your membership. You can unsubscribe from these emails BUT WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do NOT unsubscribe, in case you miss important information regarding your membership and we are unable to contact you.) 

    If you are not receiving any of these type of emails, please contact info@glasgowwarriors.org so we can re-subscribe you. 

    Other reasons include, using the wrong email address linked to your account or your mailbox is full. 


    1. Glasgow Warriors Emails (weekly news and updates from the club)
    2. Ticket Alerts
    3. Merchandise Alerts
    4. Community Rugby Activities
    5. Partner Offers

    If you are not receiving marketing emails, please click here to opt in. 

    Make sure our emails reach your inbox by adding donotreply@e.glasgowwarriors.org to your address book. 


For further assistance please contact the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre on 0131 378 1600 or emailticket.centre@sru.org.uk 

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. Please note, telephone lines are closed on Wednesdays. 


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