The Famous Grouse Pre-Season Challenge | Streaming live and exclusively on Recast

The Famous Grouse Pre-Season Challenge | Streaming live and exclusively on Recast

The club’s pre-season fixture against Ulster, this Friday night (9 September, kick-off 7.30pm) will be streamed live and exclusively on the new Scottish based streaming platform, Recast.

Coverage will begin at 7.15pm with commentary provided by Stuart McFarlane and Chris Paterson.

The match is available on the platform for 300 Cast Credits, which can be bought, or earned by inviting friends to the platforms, watching adverts, and/or sharing videos.

How to sign up to Recast

There is no subscription fee for joining Recast

– Go to

– Tap Sign Up

– Enter your email

– Verify your account details (receive 100 free Casts as a reward)

– Let Recast know what you want to watch

– You’re all set!

Recast Credits

Unsure how to get Cast Credits on Recast? It’s easy.

✔️Watch adverts
✔️ Invite your friends
✔️ Share videos
✔️ Buy them!

You can head to your wallet to check out how many total Casts you have.

Payment made simple. Did you know you can buy Casts on Recast using your credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You can also earn credits by just watching ads, inviting your friends, and sharing videos.

Recast FAQ

What is Recast?

Recast is a subscription-free streaming platform, making access fairer, rewarding creators better, and connecting people through content.

Fans pay creators per view, rather than the platform per subscription, with up to 85% of the income going directly to the publishers, resulting in a fairer split for creators and a fairer choice for fans.

What Recast Channel is The Famous Grouse Pre-Season Challenge available on?

The Famous Grouse Pre-Season Challenge against Ulster is being live streamed on Glasgow Warriors’ Recast Channel:

What does it cost to view the game?

The game can be viewed for 300 Casts Credits (300 Casts = £3). You can earn Casts by watching ads, sharing videos, inviting friends to join or you can purchase them outright.

Why is the game on Recast and not YouTube or Facebook?

Streaming on Recast and not another platform means that the majority of the revenue generated by the stream goes directly back into investing in Glasgow Warriors content.

Why is this game behind a paywall?

With Recast, the money generated helps make the stream possible and allows the club to invest more in the creation of content. There is no subscription fee, it’s totally free to join and Cast Credits can be earned by watching ads, sharing content or inviting friends to join. The difference is that the revenue goes to the sport and no-one else!

I miss the chat/community functionally channels like YouTube has. Why doesn’t Recast offer this?

Recast are constantly working to improve the user experience on the platform and if you’d like to give any feedback it can be sent to them using the Live Chat function on the platform.

I cannot sign up/into Recast to watch the games. How can I sign-in?

Check that Recast is available in the country you’re in here. If you’ve just joined, check your phone for an SMS or your spam folder for the verification email. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the ‘forgotten password’ button on the sign in screen.

If you’re still having issues use Recast’s Live Chat on the site or drop an email

I can’t top up in my chosen currency – does this mean I can’t top up?

You can currently buy Casts in British Pounds, Euros, US and Australian Dollars on Recast – but they are adding new currencies all the time.

Can I watch Recast on my TV?

Yes – You can watch Recast content on your TV either by connecting your laptop via a cable to your TV, using Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

I’ve watched all the ads, how do I get Casts now?

If you’ve watched all the available ads then there are other options to get Casts – invite friends, share content or purchase Casts outright. These options can all be accessed in your wallet.

I bought Cast Credits but they aren’t showing up in my wallet.

It can take 30 seconds or so for the Casts to appear in your wallet. If they’re not showing, try logging out and back in, if they’re still not there then use Recast’s Live Chat on the site or drop an email

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