“That is what is most special about Fede, he was loved by everyone”

“That is what is most special about Fede, he was loved by everyone”

Federico Aramburu was loved by everyone, that is clear when you ask someone who knew him what he was like.

Tonight, Glasgow Warriors will remember one of their own – the Argentine winger who played on 32 occasions between 2010 and 2012, but who has left a lasting mark on those he played with.

You don’t need to look much further than the 15 teammates who will travel from near and far to stand together at Scotstoun tonight in memory of their friend to see how much Fede, as he was fondly known, meant to people.

In his memory, a JustGiving page has been established by former Glasgow team-mates of Aramburu, with the goal of raising £5000 to support his wife and three young children.

To support this goal, please click here.

Here are just a few memories from his Glasgow Warriors teammates:

Johnnie Beattie, Warrior #130

I can remember when Fede arrived at Glasgow and didn’t speak a word of English. But, with Fede it was very easy to become great friends, even if you didn’t speak the same language. We could easily sit next to each other on the bus and laugh out loud like children. He had the most incredible sense of humour and energy, and was always fun to be around.

The fact that he had so many friends in Argentina, Scotland, France, South Africa… I could go on, is a testament to his open spirit, kindness, and warmth to everyone. He was a joy to be around, his smile, his naughtiness were infectious, and he was able to be this way no matter the country, culture, or company.

In every room Fede changed the dynamic and was full of love.

Since moving to the South of France in 2016, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to spend more time with Fede.

Coffee, wine, and food in each other’s company were cherished moments in Biarritz where we would continue to laugh and talk life’s simple pleasures.

Upon meeting his friends in the Pays Basque you could see the love and fondness I felt were reciprocated by all who knew him. That is maybe what is most special about Fede, he was loved by everyone.

Bernardo Stortoni, Warrior #163

The last game I played in Glasgow, I had the privilege of being the captain and giving the talk in the dressing room. When I finished, Fede grabbed me and told me, “I don’t know if the rest of the team understood you, but I understood everything Bernie!”

I entered the field thinking that the rest of the team didn’t understand anything.

Playing with Fede in Glasgow was spectacular. He is my wedding witness and we played at CASI EN BUENOS AIRES. Afterwards in the Pumas and being able to be together all the time again was a dream. We were together all day. He’s my brother. I miss him all the time.

Chris Cusiter, Warrior #100

He was one of the best people I ever had the fortune of meeting.

He gave absolutely everything on the pitch for his team and he would have done anything for you off of it. I genuinely believe that.

He had an ability to forge connections with people that was special. When he came to Glasgow his English was very rudimentary but despite that, he was everyone’s friend within a month. He was kind-hearted and generous, and he always had a sparkle in his eye.

I don’t think I ever saw him in a bad mood, ever! He lifted the spirits of whatever squad he was in.

I’m so heartbroken that he’s no longer with us and heartbroken for his beautiful family. I, along with anyone who ever met him, will never forget him and what an incredible human being he was.

Nathan Bombrys, Former Managing Director

Fede truly embodied our ‘Once A Warrior Always A Warrior’ statement. We had an important away game at Cardiff coming up during the 6 Nations in 2019. We were missing more than a few players due to international call-ups and injuries. Our USA international Tevita Tameilau was due to play for the US in Argentina the week before in the Americas Rugby Championship. They had no game the next week, and we needed him to fly back to Glasgow on the Sunday so he could train and play for us against Cardiff.

However, John Manson discovered just one problem. The internal flights within Argentina land at one Buenos Aries airport, and the international flights depart from another. They are completely on the other side of town – and we only had around a 3 ½ hour window between the flights. We had no idea about Buenos Aries Sunday afternoon traffic, and we were worried that things could go wrong if we just asked Tevita to grab a taxi outside the arrivals hall. Who could help us get Tevita across town for his flight? I called Fede, who was running his travel business in Biarritz, to see if he could offer somelocal advice. No problem Nathan. I will take care of everything.John sent the flight info, and we hoped for the best. Later that evening, I got a message from Fede.Everything is sorted for Sunday.I said thanks, and asked what I needed to do, thinking I may need to arrange to pay the car service that Fede had arranged. Fede’s response – He has the best driver. My father!

Sunday evening came round, and right on time, I got a message which was a photo of Fede himself standing with Tevita Tameilau and Greg Peterson (former Glasgow and USA international) giving us a thumbs up at the airport.

The story doesn’t end there. On the Friday night in Cardiff, Tevita came off the bench and ran 45m to score a great try, which ended up being the game winner and sealed an important bonus point win in our push to finish top of the PRO14 that season.I called Fede afterwards and gave him a try assist for his help with that one. Once a Warrior Always a Warrior.

May you rest in peace, Fede. We will miss you.

You can also add your memories of Federico in our virtual Book of Condolence

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