Supporters Group Minutes | Tuesday 12 December 2023

Supporters Group Minutes | Tuesday 12 December 2023

The minutes from the Glasgow Warriors Supporters Group on Tuesday 12 December 2023


Glasgow Warriors: Alastair Kellock, Cameron MacAllister, Kenny Brown, Molly Mitchell, Stuart Dow, and John Manson 

Supporters: Ali Carberry, Robert Stewart, Iain Papworth, David Valentine, Kevin Millar, Mark Anderson, Ken Milne, Catriona Morrison, and Stewart Croll 

Apologies: Chris Brown, Julie Craig (both have stood down), Andy Sime, David Arnott, Colleen Brandon, Morag Boyter, Kyle Walsh, Irene Cowan 


CM welcomed Ken Milne and Iain Papworth to the group 

Food and beverage: 

    • Ambition to enhance the quality of food offering – all food vendors now independent contractors.  
    • Independent vendors offer a variety of options at different price points, with vegan, gluten free, and children’s options available 
    • Price comparison given between Hive and Hampden Stadiums to show prices are comparable 
    • Price comparison given to last season’s offering, which is essentially like-for-like, but with a much better food quality 
    • Individual relationships are being built with each vendor therefore, small changes can be made, and the offering can be adapted throughout the season 


    • Loss of clubhouse has added pressure to match days, and it is accepted it is not an ideal solution 
    • Glasgow Warriors are awaiting full details of a recent RAAC concrete report on the outdoor hall. Until that decision is known it is difficult to create an adequate long-term solution 
    • Glasgow Life are obliged to provide an indoor bar location as part of the lease agreement.  
    • Glasgow Warriors and XVIth Warrior are making the best of the situation with Gavin Pearson hosting, Q&As with players 
    • Until the club has a long-term indication of the outdoor hall’s status a marquee is not a cost-effective solution, the Clyde Bar last season had a much smaller capacity than is required and that location is where the Macron Store is on game days 
    • KB ACTION: Signage was missing for the Clubhouse and the mat flooring wasn’t down. The flooring is laid at Glasgow Life’s discretion and is not essential. Signage will be looked at by Glasgow Warriors 
    • KB ACTION: To look at feasibility of opening Clubhouse earlier than gates open to help build atmosphere  
    • Suggestion for a food offering in the Clubhouse, this was previously offered in the clubhouse however sales were always minimal and therefore it is not something Glasgow Warriors are looking at 
    • KB ACTION: To look at how we can further activate in the Clubhouse 


    • Speakers are now in place in the East and West stands 
    • The new East and West stand structure will be in position for at least three seasons, but likely longer
    • Plastic Cups being served since the start of the season have been removed and the previous cups are being used, reducing breakages and spillages 
    • Glasgow Warriors Operations team have bought equipment and using it on wet match days to reduce large areas of lying water around the stadium 
    • Glasgow Warriors reiterated that the decanting of cans and bottles to cups is a Glasgow City Council directive, and such licensing regulations are used at venues across the city.  
        • Glasgow Warriors are engaging key stakeholders to look at any options that might be available 
        • Glasgow Warriors recognise the negative sustainability implications of this regulation and will continue dialogue with stakeholders on this matter.  
        • CM ACTION: All match day information web pages and emails, and (select) social media posts will detail this obligation 
        • SUPPORTERS ACTION: Glasgow Warriors asked for support in helping wider groups of fans to help create a better understanding of the the nature of this matter 
    • AK highlights that Glasgow Warriors now have the brand and culture back post COVID. That work is being done to improve match days and the involvement of our community, charities, and young people. The Club are making the best of what we have and not wishing for what we don’t have, while dealing with the challenges 
    • Kevin Millar highlighted that there is a time lag after improvements on rugby, match day experience is made, the results won’t necessarily be seen instantly.  

Any other business 

    • CM ACTION: To update ‘You Said, We Did’ webpage on with relevant social media posts 
    • CM ACTION: To look at wider messaging/content that brings the Club Values to life 
    • AK ACTION: To feedback to marketing that dated merchandise per season would be a welcome addition to Members Packs in future 
    • KB ACTION: To look at feasibility of purchasing flags to be sold or purchased as a donation to a charity (GCHC). CM did note that there was significant waste from flags in 2022/23. 
    • CM ACTION: To look at re-introducing sponsors advent calendar content in 2024. 

Next Meeting

Tuesday 26 March 2024 

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