Scrumbags announce 2021 World Tour

Scrumbags announce 2021 World Tour

The Scrumbags have delighted fans across the world this morning, after it was confirmed that the global sensations would be embarking on a first-ever world tour in 2021.

rocketed to international acclaim with their sold-out debut gig at Glasgow’s
Hard Rock Café earlier this year, calls for the band to take the show on the
road to a global audience had been growing to levels previously unimaginable in
the world of music.

It’s been a
meteoric rise for the Scotstoun Seven, who in the space of a few short months
have now ascended to the pantheon of music greats.

The band
will open the Whatever It Takes tour with an open-air gig in Times Square, New
York, with the tour’s venue choices allowing The Scrumbags to once again push
the boundaries of what is considered possible.

venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Coachella are twinned with the regal
majesty of Winterfell and the unmistakable Bikini Bottom, with the band also
poised to write their own chapter in the story of Balamory.

The tour
will then conclude with a homecoming extravaganza at Scotstoun Stadium, as the
hometown heroes get set to rock the non-existent roof off of the home of the

“People know us as rugby players, but we’re really
rock stars who play rugby on the side,” said lead singer Ryan Wilson.

“Some might say that it’s a big step up, but Neil
Armstrong took a giant leap once and look where he’s ended up.

“We’ve always wanted to give the people what they
want. With this tour, we’re doing just that.”

note – all dates may or may not be correct at time of going to press.

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