Glasgow Warriors gin launched by Eden Mill

Glasgow Warriors gin launched by Eden Mill

Eden Mill, the official gin of Scottish Rugby, have developed two limited edition club gins ahead of the 1872 Cup.

Tommy Seymour, Callum Gibbins and Pete Horne went head to head with Edinburgh players to create a new recipe for their team, alongside the distillers at the Eden Mill St Andrews Gin School, Blendworks.

Citrus, grains of paradise, bog myrtle (sweet gale) and rosemary were chosen as the main botanicals for the Glasgow Warriors gin.

Inspired by the Glasgow Warriors home kit, it is presented in a black ceramic bottle and sealed with a Glasgow Warriors tartan sticker.

In folklore, it was said before battle warriors would consume a drink laced with bog myrtle and the effects would encourage a ‘fearsome warrior’ like state of mind.

You can purchase the Glasgow Warriors gin at

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