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Next up: Glasgow Warriors v Benetton

We return home to Scotstoun Stadium next weekend taking on Benetton in round five of the BKT United Rugby Championship.

The match is on Saturday 18 November at 7.35pm.

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FT: Ospreys 23-31 Glasgow Warriors


Weir converts

Weir converts, denying the hosts a losing bonus point. That was a hard-fought, but characterful win from the Warriors.

We leave Swansea with five points!


Glasgow try

Not sure Richie Gray could have jumped higher in that line, as expected the Warriors then set up the maul.

Four phases later and Alan Dell clattered over the line for the bonus point score.


Glasgow penalty

Weir places the ball right into the Ospreys corner earning the five metre line out. There’s a chance for a try bonus here.


Tipuric carded

Ospreys lose their captain with three minutes to go. His positioning at the kick was deemed unsafe as Tom Jordan dangerously fell to the ground when collecting the high ball.


Weir does it

It was long and the angle was awkward but Duncan Weir was the man to score the three points for Glasgow and edge them back in front.


Glasgow penalty

Now, it’s Glasgow turn to take a kick at goal, Ospreys penalised for playing the scrum half at the ruck


Ospreys lead

Walsh puts the Ospreys back in front.


Ospreys penalty

Henco Venter is penalised on the floor giving Ospreys a opportunity to kick at goal.


Glasgow ring changes

OFF Bhatti ON Dell

OFF Matthews ON Fraser

OFF Sordoni ON Pieretto

OFF Fagerson ON Miller

OFF Tuipulotu ON Jordan


Chip and chase

The wingers, Cancelliere and Rowe try to link up with a chip and chase, but the ball goes loose and Ospreys have it.


Glasgow line out

It was back-and-forth in the air there, Ollie Smith and Stafford McDowall pinging kicks back to Jack Walsh, slowly gaining ground with each kick.

Finally, the last ball is sent to touch giving the Warriors a 22-metre line out in Ospreys half.


Glasgow scrum

Glasgow have a chance to slow the game down, after a period of open play, forcing their oppositions hand and winning a scrum in their half.


Kennedy exits

A massive kick from Walsh put Glasgow under some pressure, leaving Ollie Smith to sprint back and clear up the oncoming pressure.

He just manages to secure the ball allowing Sean Kennedy the chance to send the ball back down field and ease the pressure.


Ospreys try

Ospreys tunrover an overthrown line out and play the ball wide, then a grubber from Owen Watkins on the wing back inside bounces up perfectly for the oncoming Reuben-Morgan Williams, who has a free run over the line.

Walsh adds the conversion to the hosts’ second try.


Ospreys penalty

Stand off Jack Walsh opts to kick a successful three points.


Ospreys attack

Ospreys manage to turnover the restart and quickly inject pace into the attack. The backs stringing the phases together. The game intensity finally leads them to winning a penalty in front of the posts.


Glasgow try

Another perfect set piece and maul, this time sees Sione Vailanu cross for the visitor’s third try. Weir then adds the conversion.


Pressure applied

A lovely grubber and chase from Sione Tuipulotu brings the Warriors up to within a handful of metres from the try line. The Ospreys try to clear the ball though and it’s chased down behind their own line.


Glasgow penalty

Another opportunity taken by Glasgow to kick for touch. This time their stationed just outside the Ospreys 22, but Kyle Rowe quickly brings it in, with a winding run out wide.


Conversion is good

Duncan Weir adds the extras and the Warriors are in the lead for the first time in Swansea.


Glasgow try

The set piece is perfect, followed by a driving maul that sees Johnny Matthews drive over the line scoring his and the club’s second of the night. The Johnny Matthews tally clocks 29 Glasgow tries to date.


Penalty Glasgow

Duncan Weir send the ball deep into Ospreys territory, setting up an attacking line out for Johnny Matthews to deliver.


Cancelliere and Gray link up

Cancelliere collects the high ball and takes two steps inside seeing off two opposing players. He gives the ball to Richie Gray and he makes yards.


Replacement scrum half

Sean Kennedy comes on for Jamie Dobie to start the second period at nine.


Second half

We’re back underway in Swansea, the hosts kicking to the Warriors.


Half time

Weir says that’ll do for the first half, and we go into the break with the Ospreys in front by three.


Ospreys ball

Back come the Ospreys from Smith’s clearance, but good work in defence from Tuipulotu and Cancelliere.

Gray then forces the knock on from Morgan Morris, and Glasgow have a scrum on their own 10m line as the clock ticks into the red.

Last play of the half.


Conversion is good

Restored to the pitch, Weir makes it the full seven and narrows the gap.




From five metres there’s no-one better – Matthews finds Gray and then tucks himself away to rumble over for the score.


Penalty Glasgow

Ospreys are driven back 25 metres at the maul but win the turnover – however, they’re then penalised for side entry at the next ruck and Glasgow have a 5m lineout.


Glasgow lineout

Rowe’s kick is well gathered by Luke Morgan, but Smith’s pressure forces the error and Glasgow have a lineout just inside the Ospreys half.



How did he come up with that!

Brilliant from Cancelliere, who steals the ball from Tipuric on his own line and Glasgow counter!


Penalty Ospreys

Good defence from Kyle Rowe to stop George North, but the referee brings play back for the penalty.

Walsh goes to the corner.


Ospreys ball

Scrappy – Walsh makes a line break but loses it, Vailanu then does the same, Ospreys now with advantage…


Scrum Ospreys

Cancelliere is beaten to the high ball, but Venter is there to win the turnover on the ground.

Penalty Glasgow – however, the kick misses touch and Ospreys have a scrum on their own 10m line.


Ospreys ball


Vailanu and Matthews combine for a 20m line break, but the offload inside finds an Ospreys hand.


Glasgow lineout

Ospreys win the ball back on the floor and clear – Glasgow lineout on the Ospreys 10m line.



Great work from Matthews and Cancelliere at the restart and Glasgow win the turnover penalty.

McDowall takes over the kicking and puts his side inside the Ospreys 22.


Penalty Ospreys

Walsh extends the lead to 10-0.


Penalty Ospreys

The officials have in fact deemed the tackle from Weir to be worthy of a yellow card.

Walsh will go for three points.


Ospreys ball

Big carry from Williams to get the home side moving forward.

However, play is stopped as the centre stays down with a head injury.

Play will restart with a scrum to the Ospreys 25m out from the Glasgow line.


Penalty Ospreys

Tipuric gets over the ball to win the turnover, despite the best efforts of Lucio Sordoni.

Walsh finds touch on the Glasgow 10m line.


Glasgow ball

Johnny Matthews finds Richie Gray at the tail and the maul comes forward slowly but surely…

Dobie feeds McDowall, who invites Tuipulotu forward.


Glasgow ball

Great footwork from Vailanu and Bhatti in quick succession to get Glasgow on the front foot.

Ospreys are then penalised for not rolling away, and Weir will give the Warriors a lineout just inside the Ospreys 22.


Penalty Glasgow

Brilliant work by Henco Venter, as the back-rower smartly identifies the turnover chance and wins the penalty.

Weir gives his side a lineout on halfway.


Ospreys ball

Another bit of luck for the Ospreys, as a kick through takes two ricochets and goes out off Weir – lineout to the hosts, 35m out.


Glasgow 22

Ospreys inches away from a second, as Mat Protheroe hacks a loose ball into space and hares after it – the ball beats him to the dead ball line though and Glasgow clear with the 22.


Ospreys lineout

Ospreys make a mess of the scrum and force Glasgow to clear.

A brief moment of kicking ensues, resulting in an Ospreys lineout on the Glasgow 10m line.


Scrum Glasgow

Good defence from McDowall and Tuipulotu, as they force the knock on from Williams.

Glasgow scrum on their own 10m line.


Ospreys lineout

Great work from Tuipulotu, who fires through the ruck to win the turnover.

The follow up kick is sliced into touch on the full though, and Ospreys have the throw.


Penalty Ospreys

Glasgow are penalised for a neck roll as they clear out.

Walsh misses touch though and back come the Warriors on halfway.


Glasgow ball

Big carry from McDowall and Glasgow three metres out!

Ospresy hit Peterson in defence but Dobie with quick ball…


Penalty Glasgow

No reset this time, as Bhatti earns the penalty from referee Piardi.

Weir finds touch 10 metres or so from the Ospreys line.


Scrum Glasgow

You haven’t missed anything – a long spell of resets here. Still Glasgow possession, though.


Glasgow ball

Almost a carbon copy of the original restart as Smith runs back over halfway.

Sione Tuipulotu is stopped behind the gainline, but Jamie Bhatti is there in support.

Nagy knocks on and Glasgow in possession in midfield – no advantage and we come back for the scrum.


Try Ospreys

The Ospreys strike first – the maul is initially well defended, but when it breaks up Kieran Williams is the quickest to react and finds the gap to touch down from five metres out.

Walsh adds the extras from the touchline, and Ospreys lead 7-0.


Penalty Ospreys

Glasgow pinged for contact in the air, and Walsh goes to the corner.


Penalty Ospreys

The first decision goes Ospreys way at the scrum, and Jack Walsh goes to touch on the Glasgow 22.

Greg Peterson has entered the fray in place of Sintu Manjezi, who goes for a HIA.


Ospreys ball

Max Nagy takes Dobie’s box-kick well, before being clattered by Sione Vailanu.

Vailanu gets up to hit Justin Tipuric in the next phase, and Ospreys kick high.

Weir initially gathers but knocks on in contact, and Ospreys have a scrum just inside Glasgow’s half.


Glasgow ball

Ospreys clear, allowing Ollie Smith to run it back.

Glasgow ball on halfway, as Jamie Dobie feeds RIchie Gray.



Our referee is Andrea Piardi, he blows his whistle, and Duncan Weir gets us underway!


Moment’s silence

Before kick-off, both sides will mark Remembrance Day with a moment’s silence, alongside Stafford McDowall and Justin Tipuric laying wreaths pitchside.


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30 minutes to go!

Just over 30 minutes to go!

If you’re joining us here, hello and hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday.Β  Looking forward to having you here with us!

Kick-off 5:15 pm