Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday

Guess the Game, previous jobs and canine conundrums - catch up with everything from a busy Trivia Tuesday!

Guess The Game

We kicked things off with another edition of Guess The Game, with the Warrior Nation asked to identify a classic clip of Warriors commentary.

Did you get it right?…


Guessing Games

Guess which Warrior is scoring a try in image 1️⃣ from 2016, and tell us where you think the ball is in image 2️⃣ from 2019

Previous Employment

It was then over to Quizmaster of the Week – and club centurion – Alex Allan, as the prop asked Glasgow supporters to guess which jobs some of his squad-mates had held prior to turning professional.

Follow the Twitter thread below to see how you get on:

Logos quiz

The Warrior Nation were then tasked with identifying the sponsor on #TriviaTuesday, with the Glasgow Warriors Sponsors and Partners Logo Quiz…


    1) intu, 2) Tennents, 3) BMI Ross Hall, 4) Clyde Travel Management, 5) Harper Macleod, 6) The Famous Grouse, 7) Denholm Oilfield Services, 8) Sterling, 9) Malcolm, 10) McCrea Financial Services, 11) KubeNet, 12) Land Rover, 13) University of Strathclyde, 14) Leidos, 15) Mackenzie, 16) Macron, 17) SP Energy Networks

Canine Conundrum

Glasgow fans were then challenged to match up dogs and owners for their final task on #TriviaTuesday – how did you get on?


    1D, 2A, 3E, 4F, 5G, 6B, 7C

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