“These games often come down to one moment” | Stafford McDowall

“These games often come down to one moment” | Stafford McDowall

Glasgow Warriors maintained the 1872 Cup but lost out on the league points to Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon.

Stafford McDowall, played the full game including scoring a try which helped Glasgow gain a losing bonus point.  McDowall caught up with glasgowwarriors.org after the match to share his thoughts.

“It’s massively disappointing.  I think we were in control of the game going toward the end.  We talked about them having a tough back three and they punished us. But I think we played well and in the right areas of the pitch.

“These games often come down to one moment and tonight we were on the wrong side of it.”

Despite the loss, McDowall said “I think our scramble D was really good! We kept them out a couple of times when they could have scored.”

Further he added that Glasgow missed a few opportunities that could have changed the outcome of the game.

“There were a few moments in the first half that we could have capitalised on a bit better than we did.  There were also too many turnovers.  I know at the end we were pushing to win, probably pushing more that we would normally but we had been a bit sloppy with the ball at points and that definitely cost us.”

All is not in vain though, as Glasgow maintain the 1872 Cup for the second year running.

“It’s a massive positive to retain the 1872 Cup.  Obviously, a big win at home last weekend set us up well for this week.  I think we probably would have prefered the league points, but it’s always good to have the cup for another year.”

Finally, it was a record crowd at Scottish Gas Murrayfield for the occasion, as both Glasgow and Edinburgh fans turned out in their masses.

“I could always hear Glasgow fans throughout the game.  Then so many of them stayed around after the game as well. It’s really amazing that they spend their money to come see us and being able to hear them makes a massive difference.  Just gutted we couldn’t give them the win they wanted.  But hope they all have a great New Year and will be back in 2024.”


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