“Rough to watch, but a good win” | Greg Peterson reflects on Stormers win

“Rough to watch, but a good win” | Greg Peterson reflects on Stormers win

Glasgow Warriors won 20-9 over the Stormers at Scotstoun on Friday night.  A game which saw Glasgow Warriors score three tries before half time but no change to the score in the second half.

Both the Stormers and Glasgow were in each other’s 22s numerous times, but both defences held strong and denied the other any score.

Greg Peterson caught up with glasgowwarriors.org on how the game was for him.  Speaking of the game he said, “It was probably pretty rough to watch, but it was a good win.  The Stormers are always tough to come up against.  They are a very physical team, with a big forward team and some explosive backs.

“I think we did very well to nullify their threats.  At points we played some really good rugby, but I think we just need to get better at stringing it together.”

“It’s odd to not have a score, but you don’t really think that way.  It’s more about lost momentum and gained momentum.

“We had some really good opportunities to score and we just didn’t and that’s kind of letting ourselves down, but honestly, we didn’t notice the no change in the second half.”

Glasgow Warriors last played Stormers back in January when the home side scored in the final minute to secure the win.  Going into the game, Peterson said, “We knew they were going to be physical and we knew they were going to come at our forward pack.

“I think we did a really good job just targeting and being disciplined in terms of what we wanted to do.  I think we can still get better but definitely steps in the right path.”

It is now the end of Round 3 in the BKT United Rugby Championship and Glasgow Warriors have an eight day turnaround before heading to face the Ospreys next weekend.

“I haven’t even thought that far ahead.  We discussed it after the game, just enjoy the win. We can come together on Monday and discuss the game and the week ahead.

“We have a big opponent in the Ospreys next week.  Very much enjoy the win, take the weekend off and spend time with family and then get back to it on Monday.

Finally, the noise around Scotstoun from the Warrior Nation was electric. As always the noise from the stands encouraged the players on the pitch.

“They are awesome.  The noise they were making in the last 20 just to keep them out of their own half was great and really encouraging when we were trying to score.  It’s always awesome, it’s the totally XVI warrior mentality.

“Always great playing at Scotstoun and it means so much to have that support.”

Glasgow Warriors next home game is against Benneton.  Tickets and more information can be found here.

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