Brown on Leinster learnings, La Rochelle expectations and working with Wilson

Brown on Leinster learnings, La Rochelle expectations and working with Wilson

He recently signed a new contract that will keep him at the club until the summer of 2023 at the very least - Fraser Brown discusses everything from the attitude of the squad to his experience of working with incoming head coach Danny Wilson.

On Saturday’s defeat to Leinster

“I thought we started really well, with real tempo and moving
the ball well. We didn’t manage the second third of the game anywhere near well
enough though.

“I don’t want to get caught up in statistics, but looking at
how and where we turned the ball over it highlights a continuing theme for us
from the second half of the Sale Sharks game and the trip to Exeter.

“The reality of rugby at this level is that it’s all about
tiny little bits in the game – there are tiny little moments in each game that
can change the momentum of each match. We probably got about 85 to 90% of the
game right at the weekend, but it’s that 10-15% that’s hurting us.

“There are things we should be executing 9.9 times out of 10
that we’re currently executing about 7 times out of 10. That falls on us as
players, as well as making the right decision under pressure. That’s from one
to 15, but a lot of the pressure can be relieved by guys outside communicating
the facts in. We don’t have enough eyes to see everything on the pitch, but
communicating more clearly can help everyone else make better decisions.”

On the squad’s current mood

“Heads don’t go down in camp. There’s a lot of frustration at
the minute, but not in a bad way – guys want to get the results. That first 40
minutes in Exeter I thought we dominated, and the scoreboard didn’t reflect

“You’d love to score off every attacking opportunity, but a lot of rugby
is about being accurate and sticking to your game-plan – putting in the work to
get the better of the opposition. Usually the most clinical team wins the

On what to expect from La Rochelle

“La Rochelle are probably a team that won’t take too many
risks when they’re in possession, but if you turn the ball over or kick loose
to them then they’ll attack from anywhere.

“Guys like Victor Vito, Levani Botia
and Kiri Murimurivalu are able to take you to pieces – they’re all dangerous
runners. They’ve got a lot of dangerous options.

“We’ve got to be able to defend
well as a team and hold on to the ball – if you hold on to the ball then you’re
less likely to be scored against.”

On working with incoming head coach Danny Wilson

“Danny is a really detailed coach. I’ve worked very closely
with him around the lineout and set piece with Scotland, and he’s an incredibly
hard worker.

“He’s a really nice bloke, too – it’s important that you get a
variety of characters and personnel, but when you’ve got a guy who can demand
standards on the pitch and then relate to you well as a person off the pitch there’s
nothing but positives to take from that.

“Cardiff were always incredibly strong at the scrum when
Danny was in charge, but they weren’t afraid to chuck the ball about and play
some high-tempo stuff to try and stretch you. One of the best things about
playing here is the brand of rugby we play – it might be frustrating when it
doesn’t come off, but you’d much rather be playing our brand of rugby than not.”

On extending his contract with the club

“The club resurrected my career when I was in my early 20s,
and I love everything about it. To sign on for another three years is just

“There’s a fine line between arrogance and self-belief – being a
professional and playing for my country was something that I wanted to do since
I was a little boy. Did I think it was going to happen at a certain point? Probably
not. The more you push yourself though, those dreams become realities. I’m so
appreciative of the opportunity I’ve got to play for Glasgow and Scotland.

“If you provide players and staff with the right environment
to thrive off the pitch and enjoy what they do, then thrive is exactly what
they’ll do. The more invested you and your family are in the club and what they
do then the more successful you’ll be. That’s a big reason behind why I think
this is such a successful club – people see that environment and want to be a
part of it.”

Fraser Brown was speaking to the official club podcast Warriors Weekly – listen to the full interview here.

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