Staying ahead of the game with iPRO Hydrate

Staying ahead of the game with iPRO Hydrate

For an elite rugby team to succeed, every cog in the machine is vital.

From the
work done by the strength & conditioning team in the gym to the finest
tactical adjustments made based upon the work of analysts, every detail is
crucial when it comes to ensuring success when the final whistle blows.

Included in
these pre-match preparations is ensuring players are fuelled and hydrated throughout
each game week. Tom Coughlin, Scottish Rugby Performance Nutritionist and
consultant with Glasgow Warriors, explains how having iPRO on board with the
team is an invaluable resource…

How does
iPRO help the team stay hydrated over the course of the season?

There’s a
definite need for electrolyte drinks in elite sport when keeping players
hydrated and fuelled. When you’re competing in a hot environment, for example,
there are massive health and performance implications if guys aren’t hydrated
properly. Having a product available like iPRO is probably one of the top five
things a rugby team needs to have in place, and we’re thankful for their

What are
the main benefits of using iPRO on a training day or matchday?

We tend to
only use iPRO drinks when they’re required – for short bursts of activity or
any low-intensity activity, they’re not essential. When the drinks really come
into their own, though, is when you’re running a prolonged session or a high
intensity session. It’s important to continually fuel the muscles in those
situations, and that’s what iPRO does so well.

Why is iPRO
the preferred hydration solution?

One of the
main benefits iPRO has over any competitors, or over water for that matter, is
the taste and range of flavours available. Each player has their own favourite
flavour, and having that range is a great tool to have. Matt Fagerson, in
particular, always goes after the mixed berry one! This increases the desire to
drink, which has positive impacts for maintaining hydration status.

iPRO also go
through all of the steps to meet the gold standard of what is required for
elite sport by enrolling their products with Informed-Sport, which is critical
from our point of view and makes it so much easier to work with.

advantage does iPRO give to the players?

It allows
them to perform to the highest level. Let’s say the players go into a session
or a match without being adequately fuelled – the amount of work these guys put
in is huge, and they’ll race through their energy stores so quickly. They’re at
a level that means they need to keep those stores high, and that’s where iPRO
comes in. It’s easy to digest, it’s tasty and it does exactly what we need it

How does
iPRO aid recovery?

You’ve got
three key things to consider when it comes to recovery – rehydrate, refuel and
rebuild. iPRO hits the first two of those factors; it helps to replenish the
muscle post-exercise, and then helps to rehydrate with electrolytes. It’s
especially useful when guys have short turnarounds from one game to the next,
when recovery becomes even more essential.

important is it to stay hydrated, not just for elite athletes but in every walk
of life?

Your immune
system is massively affected by your hydration status – something as simple as
generating saliva is affected by your hydration levels, and saliva is one of
your first lines of defence in terms of your immune system. In general,
hydration also helps by keeping your body ticking over and remaining healthy. It
can be difficult to stick to your normal routine when you’re sat at home,
whether that’s not drinking from your water bottle as often or using a water
fountain. It’s key to monitor your hydration levels where possible; your urine
colour – which is always a funny one to introduce to academy players! – and
your thirst levels are big indicators.

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