SP Energy Networks Championship | Round 1

SP Energy Networks Championship | Round 1

The first round of the SP Energy Networks Championship kicked off at Scotstoun yesterday.

Round One saw four schools take to the pitch in their attempts to progress to the next round.

Games started just after 10:30am and continued until just after 1pm.  There were matches happening every 10 minutes on two pitches allowing for lots of rugby to be played between teams that would not normally face one another.

Balfron, Biggar, Wellington and Moffat schools were all taking part in the first round of the competition.

Glasgow Warriors players Murphy Walker and Ross Thomson visited the players taking part at the break between games.  Participants were able to chat all things rugby with Walker and Thomson and even did a high ball catching challenge before the final rounds of games in the afternoon.

At the end of the games it was Balfron Strathendrick that qualified for the next round of the SP Energy Network Championships.

There were lots of happy and tired participants following an excited morning of rugby.  For many players this was the first time they had taken part in the competition and are already looking forward to next year.



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