How to create a 'Fighting for Our Families' campaign page

Thank you for joining the Glasgow Warriors Fighting for Our Families campaign. We’d like to keep track of all fundraising that’s happening across the country. To do that please create a dedicated fundraising page linked to the campaign.

This will only take a few minutes.

Here’s how…

Go to

Select ‘Start Fundraising’ in orange

Choose if you wish to fundraise in memory of someone

Select ‘I’m doing my own activity’

Complete the details about your event, including the date

Set a fundraising target

Create a new account, or if you use JustGiving regularly use that account

Provide more details about your event and create a unique web link

Change the image to something relevant to your event, this can be a flyer/poster

Launch your page and start fundraising!



For more information on how to sign up or to ask any questions please contact the Glasgow Warriors Community Manager, Stuart Lewis:

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