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23 - 31
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Final Score 20-9


Glasgow Win!

A scrum for Stormers who attempt one last attack winning a lineout on the 22′ and pushing forward closer to the posts but Glasgow finally get the turnover.


Man of the Match

Man of the Match goes to Sione Tuipulotu!


Less than 5 minutes to go

A missed lineout by Stormers allow Glasgow to set into a strong defensive line. The visitors kick into Warriors own half but Horne takes care of the ball, moving it back into Stormers half with less than 5 minutes to go


Attack from Stormers

Stormers press forward from their scrum to the 10′ nearly making it to the attacking half but a loose kick off the field gives the ball back to Glasgow



Henco Venter comes on for Sione Vailanu


Big Chance

A lineout for Warriors on their 5′ starts strong but they are pushed back closer to the 22′ and knock on is called on Matt Fagerson. Scrum to Stormers


Nearly perfect

Warriors think they have another try after they secure a penalty after Sebastian Cancelliere flawlessly grubber kicks it down the line with Rowe picking it up and charging forward. However the referee calls knock on and it doesn’t count.





After a strong Warriors scrum the ball is played out wide and fast with Greg Peterson breaking the line and carrying through before offloading to George Horne who kicks through and nearly claims the ball but it taken by Stormers and moved back to the halfway line. Dominant play from Warriors force the visitors offside and the gain the ball back into their half




More Subs for Glasgow

Tom Jordan and Zander Fagerson are replaced by Lucio Sordoni and Duncan Weir


A messy two minutes

Glasgow play the lineout wide and both teams participate in kicking tennis before Sione Vialanu breaks forward but a messy offload gives the ball back to Stormers who immediately nearly drop it, with Glasgow tipping the ball before it eventually goes out of play.


Stormers scrum under the post

Stormers take a scrum under the posts but Glasgow wins the penalty and kick just shy of the half way line


Last ditch defending

Stormers push forward in a ruck and battle it out within the 5′ with Glasgow managing to prevent the try and the play is reset.


Stormers Attack

Stormers play a strong attack across the field and then down the left line with number 15 trying to kick it in front but it bounces out of touch


Glasgow Subs

Number 17 Jamie Battie comes on for Number 1 Ollie Kebble and Number 18 Scott Cummings comes on for Number 5 Ritchie Grey


A linebreak and a scrum

Line break for Stormers number 10 who carries just shy of the 5′ line before a knock on giving the ball back to the Warriors for a scrum


Back on the defence

Warriors collapse the scrum and Stormers kick into their attacking half


Pushing forward

Stormers concede a penalty and Glasgow Warriors take another lineout on the 5′ this time. Darge pushes through as does Matthews but the team struggle to make much ground and then concede a penalty scrum


Tight first 5 minutes

The first 5 minutes started back and forth between the two teams with Stormers winning a scrum after a knock on but Glasgow swiftly gain the ball back and promptly gain a lineout on their attacking 10′ line.


2nd half is underway!


Half time

20-9 to Glasgow Warriors at half time!


Final push before half time

Warriors gain a lineout in the final 20 seconds of the half and Johnny Matthews gains his second try of the evening after a similar play to the first.



Stormers see yellow

Warriors take advantage of the 14 men and power through with Ritchie Gray carrying through. Stormers seemingly struggle to adapt to being a one man down and number 2 tips Gray gaining another yellow card seconds after the first one.


Yellow card for Stormers number 7

Sin bin for dangerous play


Close for the visitors

Stormers number 14 breaks through nearly scoring a try but is brought down by a relentless Kyle Rowe



Vistitors win a penalty and gain 3 points after a high tackle.


Widening the gap

Stormers are called for not rolling away and George Horne kick to the posts taking the lead to 9 points.


Attacking force

The pressure Glasgow Warriors assurt forces the ball to slip through the hands  of Stormers causing a knock on and they win another scrum on their attack 10′


The Warriors quickly bounce back intercepting a ball meters from their tryline and forcing the Stormers player off the pitch to gain a lineout.

A quick lineout into rolling maul allows Johnny Matthews to send it over the line and the Warriors take a stronger lead once again.


1 point in it

Stormers kick for a lineout and deliver a strong attack, carrying through to the 10′ and forcing Glasgow to concede a penalty where they successfully kick for the points bringing the score to within 1 point.


First Try for Glasgow!

A quick scrum with the ball fired out quickly to the left and offloaded to Sione Tuipulotu who speeds under the post with ease. George Horne converts.




So Close!

Glasgow lineout on the 5′ like and form a rolling maul and coming very close to making it over the line. They are pushed back but win a scrum


Stormers penalty

Stormers number 12 sends it through the posts for 3 points as Glasgow concede for holding on in the ruck


More pressure from Glasgow

The team play the ball across the pitch with Smith and Rowe nearly breaking through. They concede a penalty and Stormers win a scrum where Glasgow concede a penalty and the visitors kick for a line out past the 10′ but another incorrect lineout gives the ball back to the home team.


Another attack

Stormers concede a scrum penalty and and Glasgow Warriors kick for a lineout just into their attacking half.


Tight defensive pressure

Stormers get another lineout but from defensive pressure, a knock on occurs and Warriors win a scrum.


An intense few minutes

A rogue kick from Ollie Smith grants Stormers a lineout just shy of the Warriors 22′. No fear as the Glasgow boys steal it back and Johnny Matthews breaks through making back into Stormers half.

After an intense play Smith again kicks it off and Stormers win a line out. They don’t throw straight and Glasgow win a scrum and attack again.


Scrum for the Warriors

Stormers kick the ball to the dead-ball line and the Warriors win a scrum close to their halfway line. After resetting twice Glasgow move the ball out and begin to try get into Stormers half.


First attack

First big attack for Glasgow as Kyle Rowe breaks down the line but the Warriors concede a penalty in the visitors’s 10′ line and Stormers win a line out.


Kick off!


Ross Haggerty brings on the match ball

Bringing on our match ball tonight is Ross Haggerty!

Glasgow Warriors and SP Energy Network are delighted to announce that Ross Haggerty from GHA rugby club members to be recognised in the SP Energy Networks Community Spotlight for the great work he does for GHA rugby club.

He will also be shortlisted for the SP Energy Networks Community Hero award at the end of the season.


Your Lineup for tonight


Less than an hour to go!

50 minutes until we are underway at Scotstoun!



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Join us at Scotstoun Stadium for Round Three of the BKT United Rugby Championship against South African side DHL Stormers.


Kick-off 5:15 pm