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We’re next in action, after the Guinness Six Nations, when we take on Cardiff Rugby back at Scotstoun Stadium on Friday 22 March, kick off 7.35pm.

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FT: Benetton 9-19 Glasgow Warriors


Player of the Match: Stafford McDowall


Glasgow penalty

Ben Afshar comes on at scrum half. Dobie moves to the wing and Weir puts Glasgow on the Benetton 22 for a line out penalty and final chance to attack.


Glasgow scrum

Just five minutes to play and  Glasgow win another scrum, following an unforced error knocked on from another Dobie kick.


Glasgow try

Jamie Dobie has slotted a number of chips over the top of the Benetton defensive line, and they have not all come off.

But, this time. It bounces perfectly for Stafford McDowall, he breaks away from his opposite men, and has Tom Jordan in support who dives in under the posts.

Try number three for Glasgow. And, the extras added by Duncan Weir.


Umaga scores

We’re now in a three-point contest with Umaga’s third goal attempt going over.


Benetton penalty

Glasgow penalised at the breakdown once again, in front of the posts, in their own half. This is a straight shot at goal.


Sordoni returns

Glasgow do well to not concede any points during the sin bin period.


Chip and chase

Jamie Dobie finds space to chip over the Benetton defensive line, but the bounce goes awry as Sebastian Cancelliere runs on to it.


Glasgow scrum

From the drop out Glasgow then force a knock on and win a ten metre scrum in Benetton’s half.


Benetton penalty

The Glasgow scrum is overturned again and Benetton kick for touch.

However, the ball goes dead and Glasgow can drop out from the 22.



Miller for Ferrie

Manjezi for Samuel

Weir for Thompson


Relief for Glasgow

A breakaway maul looks like an inevitable try for Benetton, but with the lock ahead of the ball and blocking defenders the referee awards Glasgow a penalty.

Thompson kicks the ball well clear and the pressure is back off for now.


Benetton penalty

Glasgow are just not able to get a clean scrum and after a number of attempts the referee blows for a Benetton penalty.

They kick to within ten metres of the whitewash, and Glasgow are now under pressure to hold on to their lead.



Kebble for Cordero

Hiddleston for Matthews

Dell for McBeth


Glasgow scrum

Euan Ferrie and Thomas Gordon work really hard to turnover a Benetton maul, which wins the visitor’s the ball and eases the pressure momentarily, while down a man.


Sordoni sin binned

Lucio Sordoni is sent marching after an elbow blow to his opposite man, without the ball.


Glasgow penalty

After a short kicking battle, Glasgow win a penalty and advance right up to Benetton’s 22 mark.


Glasgow restart

Another deep restart from Thompson is returned by Alessandro Garbisi, which sets Glasgow up with a line out on halfway.


Benetton add points

Full back Umaga adds another three points to the home team’s tally.


Benetton penalty

The sustained pressure works against Glasgow though, giving away a penalty at the ruck. Winger Onisi Ratave takes a quick tap and gains ground fast.


Glasgow drive Benetton back

Glasgow are slowly pushing Benetton back from their 22. Good tackling and effective counter rucking is edging the hosts back.


Kick out on the full

Glasgow win the ball back, stealing the Benetton line out. However, the clearance kick from centre Stafford McDowall goes out on the full and Benetton win another penalty, right on Glasgow’s 22.


Benetton pressurise

After a handful of phases back-and-forth, Benetton find a way to pin Glasgow back and start attacking their 22. With that, the noise around the stadium rises significantly with the locals getting behind their team.

They haven’t managed to breach the Glasgow defence and gain points yet though.


Benetton penalty

The hosts add their first points on the board, with full back Jacob Umaga slotting his first penalty kick attempt.


Benetton penalty

Benetton win the ball back, forcing a penalty and the ruck. They kick the ball deep, win a line out and then another penalty, now in Glasgow’s half, and in front of the posts.


Starting on the front foot

Glasgow quickly win the ball back, in Benetton territory. They opt to play a close quarters kicking game, with Jamie Dobie chipping and gathering his own kick to gain a handful of yards.

In the next phase, Thompson pins Benetton back again and sets up a goal line drop out for Glasgow to gather once again.


Second half underway

Ross Thompson kicks the game back into action. He lands the ball deep in Benetton’s 22.


Half Time

Great work at the lineout again from Glasgow and the ball dribbles into touch – that’ll be half time.

Big shift from your Warriors so far, and more to come!



Great hit from Jordan to dislodge the ball!

McDowall boots clear and Benetton have the lineout on halfway.


Penalty Benetton

Benetton get the shove on and win the scrum penalty – Albornoz finds touch on the Glasgow 22.


Scrum Benetton

Cordero again chasing like a whippet!

Benetton can’t recycle so they will restart with a scrum just inside the Glasgow half.




It’s the kicking game again that forces the error, as Dobie’s chip and Cordero’s pressure leads to a Benetton spill.

McDowall shows great skill to dribble the ball forward and dive over for the score, Thompson adding the extra two for good measure!



Great work from Cordero!

The wingernot only keeps the ball in play from the penalty, he finds a 50-22 for good measure!


Benetton ball

This time it’s Dobie who turns the defence, giving Cordero something to chase.

Ignacio Mendy takes well, though, before Matthews is penalised at the ruck.


Glasgow lineout

Jacob Umaga steps into first receiver and boots long, giving Glasgow a lineout on halfway.


Scrum Benetton

Benetton compete at the ruck and win the turnover.

Williamson charges down Garbisi’s box-kick, but there was a Glasgow knock on in the previous phase and Benetton have the scrum.



Max Williamson with the steal and chance for Glasgow!


Glasgow ball

Big carrying from Samuel and Sordoni, as Glasgow move into the 22.

Thompson chips over the top but the ball bounces into touch 5m out.


Glasgow lineout

Thompson with the clever kick again, forcing the slice from Garbisi.

Glasgow lineout on the Benetton 22.


Glasgow lineout

Penalty to the Warriors, giving Matthews the lineout platform on halfway.

The maul rumbles on, before Dobie feeds McDowall and Jordan.


Benetton lineout

Glasgow turnover and clear, giving Benetton a lineout on halfway.

Ferrie competes hard but Benetton get the ball away and go high with the kick.

McKay claims superbly though.


Penalty Benetton

Benetton react quickly from the lineout and break through Fekitoa – Cancelliere goes for the turnover but the ref adjudges him to have gone off feet, and Albornoz finds touch on the Glasgow 22.


Benetton ball

Great pressure again from Glasgow, as Alex Samuel goes charging through.

Cancelliere and Dobie combine down the blindside to turn the defence.


Benetton ball


Cordero’s pressure forces the high ball to be spilled, and McDowall hacks through.

The centre claims he was pulled back in the chase, but nothing from the referee – Glasgow lineout 35m out after Garbisi clears.


Glasgow ball

Nice work from Cancelliere down the blindside as he makes 15 metres, before chasing Dobie’s kick well to take down Ratave.


Scrum Glasgow

Still Benetton ball but Glasgow’s defence is resolute.

A great read from Jordan and McDowall forces the knock on from Marco Zanon, and Glasgow have the scrum 30m from their own line.


Benetton ball

The hosts look to shift the ball from the lineout, but Tom Jordan is there to meet his man.

The Glasgow pack then front up, driving their opposite numbers back outside the 22.


Penalty Benetton

Overthrow again, and this time Lucio Sordoni comes away with it.

Dobie clears long, but this time Glasgow are penalised for side entry and Alboroz takes play back up to the Glasgow 22.


Penalty Benetton

Pettinelli gets over the ball at the breakdown, and referee Cross awards the penalty.

Albornoz finds touch just outside the Glasgow 22.


Glasgow ball

Thompson has the ball on a string at the moment, forcing Garbisi to scramble.

The scrum-half finds touch just inside his own half, giving Glasgow the lineout.


Missed conversion

Thompson can’t add the extras from out wide, so it remains 5-0 to the Warriors.



It doesn’t matter!

Benetton overthrow the lineout and it lands right in the hands of the arch-poacher, as Matthews dives over from two metres out for his 11th try of the season!


Benetton lineout


Glasgow go through the phases before the ball is eventually spun wide, but Benetton scramble Cordero into touch just a metre from the line


Penalty Glasgow

Ratave is in fact penalised for jumping into contact, and Thompson finds touch seven metres from the Benetton line.


Glasgow ball

The original call was in fact a Benetton scrum, but after a bit of kick tennis Glasgow regain possession courtesy of Cordero.

Onisi Ratave acrobatically claims the kick from Thompson, but his attempted offload goes forward and Glasgow have the scrum.


Scrum Glasgow

Alessandro Garbisi’s box-kick swirls in the wind and misses everyone, but Benetton knock on as they look to regather.

Glasgow scrum on the Benetton 10m line.


Glasgow ball

Matthews finds Alex Samuel at the lineout, before Henco Venter makes two massive carries in quick succession.

Ross Thompson then spots space and finds a great touch inside the Benetton 22.


Penalty Glasgow

Big line break from Alessandro Izekor, but Facundo Cordero gets back to make a good tackle on his own 22.

Johnny Matthews then makes a superb read at the ruck to latch on and win the turnover penalty!


Benetton lineout

Solid exit from Jamie Dobie, as the scrum-half finds touch on halfway.

Eli Snyman wins the lineout and Giovanni Pettinelli charges into contact.



Tomos Albornoz gets play underway, as his kick-off is high and long.

It’s collected by Henco Venter and Glasgow set up.


Teams out

Stafford McDowall leads out your Warriors to warm applause from the Stadio Monigo crowd, before Eli Snyman and Benetton receive a somewhat more passionate reception.

Our referee is Eoghan Cross, and we’re all set in Treviso!


Five minutes to kick-off

Just five minutes to go until we get things underway in Treviso, Warrior Nation – are you ready?

Kick-off 3:00 pm