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Player of the Match

It’s number 7, Rory Darge!


Full Time!

Glasgow Warriors have done it! They will be playing Scarlets away down in Wales on the final weekend of April for theirΒ FIRST EVER European semi final!



Try for Lions

Morne Brandon scores a try to put Emirates Lions back in the game with Lombard converting.


A well deserved try

Warrior lineout into a successful rolling maul and after a arduous attack moving up and down the line, Ollie Smith broke through before passing it to Tom Jordan who flew over the line.

George Horne converts!


3 points for Glasgow

The Lions concede a penalty in the scrum and Warriors decide to kick for the 3 points which George Horne effortlessly scores.


Emirates Lions Try

Francke Horn scores the try after a successful Lions attack and Nohamba converts.


An unsuccessful lineout

A messy lineout from the Warriors allows the Lions to push into their 22′ and form a set attack.



The Lions try desperately to push for another try but the Warrior line refuses to break beyond the 22′. When the home side finally gain possession another knock on occurs as they attempt to move to their 4th try.


Back and Forth

Back and forth between the teams around Lions’ 22′. Darge manages to steal and force his way through but throws the ball without looking as he’s brought down and the ball goes back to the visitors.


Fast but messy

The Warriors play a quick scrum but the fast paced play the proceeded caused a knock on giving Lions possession on the halfway.


Scotstoun cheer on the boys

Glasgow Warriors quickly gain back possession kicking to their 22′ after winning a penalty whilst being cheered on by Scotstoun.


And the conversion

George Horne converts!


Back in control

With the ball safely in Warrior territory on the 5′ the home side steal yet another lineout and after an aggressive attack down the line Zander Fagerson pushes it over!


Back and Forth

Sione Tuipulotu powers through with a strong carry as Glasgow are back in control. The teams tussle on the halfway and Lions gain the ball and are on the attack again before a phenomenal stolen ball from Dobie


Back underway!

The second half is underway and Lions start with possession, making headway towards their 5′ before winning their first try from Sanele Nohamba who converts his own try


Finally Half Time

No Try for the Lions after a crawl over the line and the half finally ends.


Lions are close to their first points

Emirates Lions win a penalty on their 5′ with hands in the ruck from Glasgow and they take a scrum.


The Half continues

The Warriors decide to play on their penalty instead of kicking to half time. Lions win back the ball and decide to play on kicking to their 22′ but the Warriors cause trouble in their lineout causing a disjointed attack.


Minutes to go

Warriors are back on defence on the 5′ as the clock ticks down. The Lions make it under the post but are brought back before the Warriors once again win the overturn.


Steyn nearly manages to move the ball out the Lions 5′ area but with a foot in touch it goes to a lineout with the boys on the defence.

They apply pressure and the Lions concede a penalty for sealing off at the ruck


Lions move forward

As halftime draws closer Emirates Lions have another scrum in the Warriors territory. They take it quickly and move the ball out down the line. They find a slight break and manage to move into their half.


And another lineout steal!

This time Scott Cummings steals the lineout after Lions attempt to feed it lower and fall into a set play on their 10′ slowly moving it down.


Ritchie Gray steals the lineout

The visitors win a lineout on the halfway before Ritchie Grey steals it


Rory Darge strikes

Lions look strong for a moment, evading being tackled before Rory Darge won the turnover on the halfway.


Huw Jones steals the ball

The visitors manage to move forward to just shy of their 5′ but Warrior defence stays strong before Huw Jones manages to steal the ball.


Lions Scrum

Lions push forward after the Warriors successful second try and they have a scrum on their 22′


A second try for the Warriors

The Warriors gain advantage and after a hard rolling maul they move the ball down the line before Jamie Dobie makes the break and scores the try before Horne converts!


Back to the Warrior 22′

The boys are back on it on their 10′ but after losing some ground they gain another penalty after the Lions get their hands in the ruck the Warriors head back to their 22′ for a lineout.


Nearly another

A well taken high ball from Kyle Steyn invigorates the Warriors for yet another set play across the field allowing Jamie Bhatti to make serious ground down the line. George Horne nearly executes a chip and run to take it home but pressure from opposition forces a knock on.


First Try of the night!

The perfected set piece from the Warriors result in Jack Dempsey charging over the line to celebrate the first try of the night!

And George Horne converts


So close

Play continues and the Warriors are back in fast and hard right under the posts. They gain a penalty from an offside opposition and take a lineout on the 5′


First Chance for the Warriors

Domingo Miotti charges forward 30 metres, passing to George Horne who nearly scores with a chip and run but the ball turns into a grubber and the boys struggle to pick it up. The ball is passed to Matt Fagerson but a head on head collision occurs and play is stopped for the Lions injury.


All to play for on the halfway line

Both teams battle it out on the halfway line as Lions retain the ball but fail to advance. After continued pressure from the Warriors the Lions knock on the ball, regaining possession.


A successful defence

Glasgow lose their scrum and the visitors gain possession in their territory. After a successful lineout the Warriors are on the defense with Jack Dempsey forcing them back.


Starting strong

After a record breaking game last week the Warriors start strong on the attack with a line out on the 10′ line


Kick Off!

Time for the Quarter Final!


1 hour to go

One hour till the Warriors’ first-ever home European quarter-final!


Ahead of the match, click HERE for full details on what’s on, ticketing information and how to get to the stadium.

Kick-off 8:00 pm