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Thank you

Warrior Nation, you have been fantastic this year. This game marks the end of our season, we’ve loved every minute you’ve been with us. To all of you at home or here in Dublin, our deepest gratitude.

We can’t wait to get back for the 2023/24 season.


FT: Glasgow Warriors 19-43 Toulon


Cheslin Kolbe the player of the match kicks it out and that’s the game.


Toulon try

Ihaia West scores another close quarters try for the French side. 43-19


Toulon opportunity

Toulon work their way back to the Glasgow 22, and have space for a kicking option over the Glasgow defence. It goes long though and into touch. Glasgow scrum.


Try Glasgow

Glasgow are managing to capitalise on a lull from Toulon here and moving the ball through the hands are finding ways to open up space. This time, it leads to a second try from Kyle Steyn. Horne converts, 19-36


Glasgow try

From the penalty line out, Glasgow go coast-to-coast, opening up a two-man overlap, which sees Sebastian Cancelliere add their second try. 12-36


Glasgow penalty

Stafford McDowall sends Glasgow into Toulon’s 22, and there’s a chance here to build an attack.


Toulon try

After a string of phases, Waisea Vuidravuwalu scores Toulon’s sixth try. It’s converted. 36-7


Toulon try

Juita Wainiqolo scores another try for Toulon, which is unconverted. 29-7


Tuipulotu is unable to gather the kick off and it’s a scrum to Toulon.


Horne converts


Glasgow try

They’re in, a swift passing move at close quarters from Ali Price and Kyle Steyn opens a gap on the wing for Steyn to break through and open the club’s scoring account.


Glasgow attack

The last few minutes has been the longest passage of attack Glasgow have managed to pull together, looking much more like the team we’ve seen this season.


Toulon try

Glasgow try to clear their lines with a long and quick line out, but it’s intercepted and Charles Ollivon dives in for Toulon’s fourth try.


Toulon penalty

Toulon add to their tally with a kicked penalty by Benoit Paillaugue.


Toulon pressure

Toulon are making all the right moves here. A 50-22 perfectly executed hands them a 22-line out.


Toulon penalty

A threatening attacking move from Glasgow shows promise, but is undone by a handling error by Cancelliere.


Glasgow penalty

Nathan McBeth, Johnny Matthews, Simon Berghan, and Rory Darge all come on.

Matthews delivers his first line out straight to the hands of Scott Cummings, and Glasgow form the maul.


Steyn break

Sione Tuipulotu and Kyle Steyn manage to inject some pace into the game. The latter finding a gap out wide and making 20 metres. The covering tacklers then force an error and Glasgow can push on into Toulon’s 22.


Glasgow scrum

Another chance for Glasgow to build from the set piece in Toulon’s 22.

The French side, turn it over and reset the scrum.


Glasgow Penalty

George Horne kicks to touch, then Fraser Brown delivers the line out.

However, as they’ve done all game, Toulon are on top of Glasgow at the breakdown, applying the pressure.


Back underway

Domingo Miotti gets the second half underway, and immediately Glasgow win a penalty, deep in the 22.


Half Time

Miotti sends the grubber in behind for Cancelliere to chase, but the ball just beats the winger and West can dot down.

That’ll do for the first 40 minutes.


Penalty Glasgow

Massive shove from the Glasgow pack!

Jamie Bhatti demolishes Beka Gigashvili and Glasgow have the penalty.

Toulon are walked 10 metres for back chat, and Glasgow have a centre-field scrum 15m out.


Scrum Toulon

This time it’s Glasgow who throw the forward pass, and Toulon have the feed at the scrum.


Scrum Glasgow

Toulon try to counter down the blindside but Horne and Vailanu combine to cut it off.

The offload back inside goes forward and Glasgow have a scrum on the Toulon 22.


Scrum Toulon


Toulon just about survive the maul, but there’s a knock on in the following phase from a Glasgow hand.

Scrum to Toulon on the five metre line.


Penalty Glasgow

Tuipulotu taken high in midfield, and Miotti will go to the corner once more.


Glasgow lineout

Toulon steal the lineout but Nayacalevu kicks it out on the full.

Glasgow lineout 30m out.


Glasgow lineout

Glasgow continuing to apply the pressure, as Tuipulotu sticks the kick in behind.

Viliere is forced over the touchline by Smith and Glasgow have possession 20m out.


Glasgow lineout

Somehow Charles Ollivon comes up with the ball, and Toulon clear.

Glasgow lineout 30m out.


Glasgow ball

Toulon read the play well but Glasgow on the front foot.

Horne getting the forwards moving, before Jones carries into contact.


Penalty Glasgow

Vailanu can’t quite reel in the pass, but the play comes back for a penalty.

Miotti goes to the corner.


Glasgow ball

Much better from the Warriors, as the pack charge forward.

Ollie Smith makes the break into the 22, and Miotti dances away from two.


Glasgow lineout

Serin clears, and Glasgow throw in on the Toulon 10m line.


Try Toulon

From turnover ball, Toulon strike.

Waisea Nayacalevu makes the line break, the Fijian breaking up to within five metres of the line.

Serin is there to pick up the loose ball and dart over for his second, and Toulon’s third, of the night.

He adds the conversion for a 21-0 lead.


Glasgow lineout

Serin puts the kick out on the full, giving Glasgow the lineout on the 10m line.


Glasgow ball

Horne is scragged at the base but Dempsey tidies up.

The scrum-half then gets his kick clear away and Toulon in possession on the 10m line.


Glasgow ball

Baubigny misfires at the lineout and gives Glasgow a free-kick – scrum is the call.


Penalty Toulon

The penalty goes to Toulon at the breakdown and West takes play back into the Glasgow half.


Glasgow ball


Cancelliere gets clear and chi[s ahead, but the ball is just too far ahead for Horne to collect.

The scrum-half is cleared out by Kolbe but the officials say play on.


Try Toulon

A second score for Toulon – the French side capitalise on an overthrown lineout, and two phases later Sergio Parisse goes over for the score.

Serin converts from in front of the posts and Toulon lead 14-0.


Glasgow lineout

Gabin Villiere bounces away from one tackle before Brown gets hold of him.

Cancelliere makes the tackle on Cheslin Kolbe as the South African kicks ahead, and the ball is Glasgow’s at the lineout 10m from their own line.


Toulon ball

This time JP du Preez nearly steals the lineout, but Serin darts through a hole.

Du Preez is there to make the cover tackle, before Vailanu steals the ball and Miotti clears.



Great work from Cancelliere and Brown as they force the error, and Horne clears to touch 35m out.


Toulon ball

Big hits coming in from Sione Vailanu and Huw Jones, as Toulon attack with ball in hand.

No yardage gain though, as Jack Dempsey hits Teddy Baubigny.


Penalty Toulon

Toulon get the penalty from the scrum, and Ihaia West – on early for Biggar – finds touch 25m from the Glasgow line.


Glasgow ball

Smith and Miotti send it on to Steyn, who beats the first man before being held.

Horne’s box-kick is well measured and the Warriors hold up Serin, but the Frenchmen will have the scrum as it was directly from a kick.

Toulon ball on their own 10m line.


Missed penalty

Well wayward from Serin, as the scrum-half pulls the kick to the right.


Penalty Toulon

Glasgow are penalised for offside in midfield after a kicking battle, and Serin will go for goal from 45 metres.


Glasgow lineout

Serin finds touch, giving Glasgow a lineout 25m out.


Try Toulon

Toulon strike first – with nothing on, Serin grubbers ahead and regathers for the first try of the match.

It’s a contentious one as the scrum-half looks to have been held up by Ollie Smith, but the try stands.

Serin converts for good measure and it’s 7-0 to the French side.


Toulon ball

Cummings makes a mess of the lineout but the French side have the ball.


Toulon lineout.

Action both ways – first Fraser Brown finds an audacious through the legs ball to free Cancelliere, before Toulon turn it over.

Kyle Steyn forces Jiuta Wainiqolo into touch but Toulon are awarded a penalty for a neck roll at the ruck.

Serin finds touch on the Glasgow 22/


Toulon ball

Great defensive work at the lineout from the Warriors, forcing Baptiste Serin to box-kick.

Sebastian Cancelliere looks to have been taken off the ball, but Glasgow win the turnover anyway and off they go.


Toulon lineout

Textbook exit from George Horne to start the game, as he finds touch on halfway for a Toulon lineout.



The pyro is finished, the noise is at fever pitch – Dan Biggar gets the final underway!


Five minutes to go…

Five to go.

Strap yourselves in, Warrior Nation.

This is the EPCR Challenge Cup Final, and we’re ready.


Look back

Both Glasgow Warriors and Toulon are unbeaten in this competition.

En route to the final Toulon have seen off, Zebre Parma, Bath, Toyota Cheetahs, Lyon, and Benetton

For Glasgow Warriors, they have defeated, USA Perpignan, Bath, Dragons, Emirates Lions, and Scarlets.

Tonight, it’s all to play for and anyone’s game.


Where to watch

If you can’t be there in person tonight, you can follow along here or tune in on BT Sport…or both


Game Day!

Just under an hour till kick-off at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin for the EPCR Challenge Cup Final!

Kick-off 8:00 pm