Our Values

Whatever It Takes

We will do whatever it takes to win both on and off the pitch. No stone will be left unturned in our preparation for a game in terms of gym, analysis, nutrition, recovery and performance. We will be selfless and make sacrifices for our team. Every game we work the hardest we can and give everything for the team – we empty the tank.

Respect Our History

We respect the journey of our club and those who have represented the club before us. In honour of that, we do our best to live up to the honour of the jersey, learn about the history of the city and the path that led us to where we are now.

Inspire Our Community

As a collective group of Glasgow Warriors, we take pride in inspiring our people. This is reflected not only in the work we do in engaging with the local clubs and schools, but also by our actions on the field and setting an example for the next generation. Glasgow is a proud working-class city and our people take pride in watching us put our body on the line and out-working our opponents every weekend. We want our people to see a bit of themselves in us.

We all come from different places and backgrounds. We want to inspire those communities at home and make them proud of one of their own.

Fight For Our Family

Family is a huge part of this club. We regard ourselves as one big family that look after each other and would do anything for each other on and off the field. We also acknowledge that we are here playing and working for more than just ourselves, fighting for our families who make sacrifices themselves in order to help us perform.

Defend Our Home

Scotstoun is where we spend a large majority of our time. It is our home pitch and training base. We pride ourselves on defending it like a fortress and making it hard for rival teams to play here. Through our style of play, we have created a loyal Glasgow fan base that make Scotstoun a great place to play and a special place to call home.

Playing at home for the Glasgow Warriors is an experience like no other. We defend our home with pride.

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