Fixtures & Results

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Results 2012/13

Sun 10 Feb 2013
14:00 West of Scotland FC U16 A 7 - 0 L National U16 Youth League Cup
Sun 16 Dec 2012
12:00 Melrose RFC U16 A 10 - 14 W Border U16 Round Robin Cup - East
Sun 2 Dec 2012
12:00 Kelso RFC U16 A 7 - 39 W Border U16 Round Robin Cup - East
Thu 15 Nov 2012
18:00 Gala Red Triangle RFC A 0 - 32 W Border U16 League
Sun 11 Nov 2012
13:00 Peebles RFC U16 A 12 - 43 W Border U16 League
Sun 4 Nov 2012
13:00 Hawick Albion RFC A 12 - 20 W Border U16 League
Sun 16 Sep 2012
13:00 Melrose RFC U16 H 34 - 5 W Border U16 League
Wed 29 Aug 2012
17:30 Kelso RFC U16 H 32 - 0 W Border U16 League

Borders U16 League table

1Jed-Forest RFC U16111100530:1304000044
2Melrose RFC U167610261:741870025
3Peebles RFC U1610460189:324-1350022
4Hawick Albion RFC 8440142:196-540121
5Selkirk U166420224:851390119
6Langholm RFC U168251215:233-180217
7Duns RFC U168251200:214-140116
8Gala Red Triangle RFC 10280144:396-2520016
9Kelso RFC U16615056:309-253009
10Berwick RFC U1600000:00000
11Berwick Colts 00000:00000

Border U16 League table

1Hawick Albion RFC 8710296:812150029
2Melrose RFC U168620227:901370026
3Jed-Forest RFC U168530277:181960023
4Gala Red Triangle RFC 8530205:20230023
5Peebles RFC U167520207:961110022
6Selkirk U168440236:158780020
7Duns RFC U168260147:271-1240014
8Kelso RFC U168170121:323-2020011
9Berwick RFC U16707065:379-314007

Border U16 League table

1Jed-Forest RFC U167700318:462720028
2Melrose RFC U167610338:1012370025
3Hawick Albion RFC 7520244:841600022
4Gala Red Triangle RFC 7430167:136310019
5Kelso RFC U165140101:166-65008
6Peebles RFC U16514091:233-142008
7Berwick RFC U16606048:422-374006
8Selkirk U16404034:153-119004

Border U16 (U16) League. table

1Hawick Albion RFC 7700263:751880028
2Melrose RFC U167610283:951880024
3Kelso RFC U167520269:692000020
4Peebles RFC U167430147:14160016
5Jed-Forest RFC U167241146:227-810010
6Gala Red Triangle RFC 7250135:204-69019
7Selkirk U167151143:232-89006
8Duns RFC U16707031:374-343000

National U16 Youth League Cup table

1Currie RFC U164400181:321490016
2Hawick Albion RFC 4310123:75480012
3Melrose RFC U16321066:579008
4West of Scotland FC U16321022:52-30008
5Jed-Forest RFC U16211026:1412015
6GHA RFC U16211069:3732004
7Stirling County RFC U16211041:43-2004
8Stirling County Colts 211041:43-2004
9Highland RFC U16100117:170002
10Portobello FP Colts 201131:59-28002
11Portobello FP U16201131:59-28002
12Heriot's RFC U1610108:12-4011
13Gala Red Triangle RFC 101019:26-7011
14Ayr RFC U16101014:32-18000
15Musselburgh Colts 10107:26-19000
16Musselburgh U1610107:26-19000
17Glasgow Hawks U16101014:41-27000
18Mackie Academy FP U1610107:63-56000
19Dunfermline RFC U1610100:59-59000
20Dunfermline Colts 10100:59-59000

Edinburgh and Borders District U16 Shield Pool B table

1Jed-Forest RFC U164310129:59700012
2North Berwick RFC 321097:4552008
3Edinburgh BATs 321081:110-29008
5Linlithgow RFC 413052:135-83004
6Linlithgow U16413052:135-83004
7Jed Thistle RFC 00000:00000
8Peebles RFC U1600000:00000

Edinburgh and Border District U16 Shield table

1Currie RFC U16220099:1584008
2Watsonian FC 321099:6633008
3Melrose RFC U16110038:731004
4North Berwick RFC 110026:1016004
5Boroughmuir 101010:26-16000
6Selkirk U1610107:38-31000
7Hawick Albion RFC 10105:36-31000
8North Berwick High School 101012:53-41000
9Jed-Forest RFC U1610105:50-45000

Border U16 Round Robin Cup - East table

1Jed-Forest RFC U16220053:1736008
2Melrose RFC U16101010:14-4011
3Kelso RFC U1610107:39-32000
4Langholm RFC U1600000:00000

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