Fixtures & Results

Sat 30 Mar 2019
15:00Irvine RFCvCumnock RFC

Rescheduled from 241118-Request from Irvine and approved by WRCC. Rescheduled from 081218-Dalziel in West shield final.
15:00Garnock RFCvDalziel RFC

Rescheduled from 081218- Dalziel in West Shield final
15:00East Kilbride RFCvStrathendrick RFC

Re-scheduled from 19th January (frozen pitch)
Sat 6 Apr 2019
15:00Strathendrick RFCvAllan Glen's RFC

Rescheduled from 281118-ground condition
15:00Dalziel RFCvIrvine RFC

Rescheduled from 011218-waterlogged pitch
15:00Annan RFCvGreenock Wanderers RFC

Rescheduled from 151218-frozen pitch
15:00East Kilbride RFCvGarnock RFC

Rescheduled from 160319-waterlogged pitch.
Sat 13 Apr 2019
15:00Strathendrick RFCvGreenock Wanderers RFC

Re-scheduled from 26th January (waterlogged pitch)
15:00Garnock RFCvIrvine RFC

151218 Match abandoned after 58 mins due to extreme conditions(NCR 3.8 applies)
15:00Cumnock RFCvDalziel RFC

Re-scheduled from 19th January (frozen pitch)
Sat 20 Apr 2019
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFCvAllan Glen's RFC

Rescheduled from 300319
15:00Dalziel RFCvStrathendrick RFC

Rescheduled from 160319-waterlogged pitch.
Sat 27 Apr 2019
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFCvAnnan RFC

Rescheduled from 1603-19 due to waterlogged pitch.
Sat 30 Mar 2019
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFCP - PAllan Glen's RFC
Match postponed (other)
Rescheduled from 081218-Greenock Wanderers in West Shield final. 300319-Greenock in nat Shield S/F -Rescheduled to 200419
Sat 23 Mar 2019
15:00East Kilbride RFC31 - 12Kilmarnock RFC

Rescheduled from 290918-Kilmarnock in Shield quarter final and again from 230219 request EK and approved by WRCC
15:00Annan RFC24 - 17Dalziel RFC

Rescheduled from 171118-Dalziel in West Shield semi-final.
15:00Allan Glen's RFC78 - 5Cumnock RFC

Rescheduled from 151218-frozen pitch
15:30Greenock Wanderers RFC32 - 13Irvine RFC

Rescheduled from 101118-request of Irvine and approved by WRCC
Sat 16 Mar 2019
14:00Cumnock RFC10 - 24Allan Glen's RFC

Rescheduled from 290918-A Glens in Shield quarter final.
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFCP - PAnnan RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Rescheduled from 290918- Greenock in Shield quarter final. Rescheduled to 270419 due to waterlogged pitch
15:00East Kilbride RFCP - PGarnock RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Rescheduled from 131018-pitch waterlogged. Rescheduled to 060419-waterlogged pitch.
15:00Kilmarnock RFC25 - 31Irvine RFC

rescheduled from 171118-agreement both clubs and WRCC Rescheduled from 161118-Kilmarnock in Shield semi-final.
15:00Dalziel RFCP - PStrathendrick RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Rescheduled from 151218-frozen pitch. Rescheduled to 200419-waterlogged pitch.
Sat 2 Mar 2019
15:00Kilmarnock RFC27 - 14Annan RFC
15:00Dalziel RFC12 - 33Allan Glen's RFC
15:00Garnock RFC36 - 12Stewartry RFC
15:00Strathendrick RFC38 - 0Cambuslang RFC
15:00East Kilbride RFC97 - 5Cumnock RFC
15:00Irvine RFC7 - 17Greenock Wanderers RFC
Sat 23 Feb 2019
12:00Strathendrick RFC18 - 13Dalziel RFC

Rescheduled from 290918-Strathendrick in Shield quarter final
15:00Allan Glen's RFC18 - 6Garnock RFC

Rescheduled from 171118- A Glens in West Shield semi-final.
15:00Cumnock RFC0 - 88Greenock Wanderers RFC

Rescheduled from 171118- approved by WRCC (J Gillies)
Sat 16 Feb 2019
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFC30 - 28East Kilbride RFC
15:00Cumnock RFC7 - 19Strathendrick RFC
15:00Cambuslang RFC38 - 73Garnock RFC
15:00Stewartry RFC26 - 5Dalziel RFC
15:00Allan Glen's RFC45 - 20Kilmarnock RFC
15:00Annan RFC24 - 34Irvine RFC
Sat 26 Jan 2019
14:00Annan RFC8 - 15Allan Glen's RFC
14:00Kilmarnock RFC22 - 3Stewartry RFC
14:00Dalziel RFC34 - 5Cambuslang RFC
14:00Garnock RFC52 - 0Cumnock RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFCP - PGreenock Wanderers RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Re-scheduled to 13th April
14:00East Kilbride RFC22 - 7Irvine RFC
Sat 19 Jan 2019
14:00Greenock Wanderers RFC23 - 18Garnock RFC
14:00Cumnock RFCP - PDalziel RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
Re-scheduled to 13th April
14:00Cambuslang RFC24 - 36Kilmarnock RFC
14:00Stewartry RFC22 - 23Annan RFC
14:00East Kilbride RFCP - PStrathendrick RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
Re-scheduled to 30th March
14:00Irvine RFC5 - 22Allan Glen's RFC
Sat 12 Jan 2019
14:00Allan Glen's RFC34 - 10Stewartry RFC
14:00Annan RFC38 - 22Cambuslang RFC
14:00Kilmarnock RFC18 - 0Cumnock RFC
14:00Dalziel RFC0 - 21Greenock Wanderers RFC
14:00Garnock RFC8 - 13East Kilbride RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFC13 - 31Irvine RFC
Sat 5 Jan 2019
14:00Greenock Wanderers RFC43 - 18Kilmarnock RFC
14:00Cumnock RFC57 - 11Annan RFC
14:00Cambuslang RFC0 - 98Allan Glen's RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFC8 - 29Garnock RFC
14:00East Kilbride RFC72 - 27Dalziel RFC
14:00Irvine RFC72 - 14Stewartry RFC
Sat 15 Dec 2018
14:00Stewartry RFC24 - 7Cambuslang RFC
14:00Kilmarnock RFC7 - 38East Kilbride RFC
14:00Dalziel RFCP - PStrathendrick RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
Re-scheduled to 16th March
14:00Allan Glen's RFCP - PCumnock RFC
Match postponed (frozen pitch)
Re-scheduled to 23rd March
14:00Annan RFCP - PGreenock Wanderers RFC
Match postponed (extreme weather)
Greenock travel issues. Re-scheduled to 6th April
14:00Garnock RFCIrvine RFC

Re-scheduled to 13th April
Sat 8 Dec 2018
14:00Cumnock RFC21 - 22Stewartry RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFC26 - 23Kilmarnock RFC
14:00East Kilbride RFC25 - 3Annan RFC
14:00Irvine RFC64 - 5Cambuslang RFC
Sat 1 Dec 2018
14:00Cambuslang RFC20 - 7Cumnock RFC
14:00Stewartry RFC3 - 26Greenock Wanderers RFC
14:00Allan Glen's RFC18 - 23East Kilbride RFC
14:00Annan RFC8 - 10Strathendrick RFC
14:00Kilmarnock RFC8 - 63Garnock RFC
14:00Dalziel RFCP - PIrvine RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Re-scheduled to 6th April
Sat 24 Nov 2018
12:00Dalziel RFC22 - 56Kilmarnock RFC
12:30Greenock Wanderers RFC83 - 7Cambuslang RFC
12:30Garnock RFC58 - 8Annan RFC
12:30East Kilbride RFC22 - 10Stewartry RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFCP - PAllan Glen's RFC
Match postponed (other)
Re-scheduled to 6th April
Sat 17 Nov 2018
14:00Cambuslang RFC14 - 70East Kilbride RFC
14:00Stewartry RFC120 - 12Strathendrick RFC
Sat 10 Nov 2018
12:30Annan RFC27 - 22Kilmarnock RFC
12:30Allan Glen's RFC84 - 19Dalziel RFC
12:30Stewartry RFC14 - 34Garnock RFC
12:30Cambuslang RFC14 - 36Strathendrick RFC
Sat 3 Nov 2018
14:00East Kilbride RFC22 - 20Greenock Wanderers RFC
14:00Strathendrick RFC17 - 3Cumnock RFC
14:00Garnock RFC35 - 15Cambuslang RFC
14:00Kilmarnock RFC13 - 25Allan Glen's RFC
14:00Irvine RFC26 - 20Annan RFC
14:00Dalziel RFC22 - 29Stewartry RFC
Sat 27 Oct 2018
15:00Allan Glen's RFC79 - 17Annan RFC
15:00Stewartry RFC50 - 27Kilmarnock RFC
15:00Cambuslang RFC28 - 20Dalziel RFC
15:00Cumnock RFC13 - 43Garnock RFC
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFC74 - 6Strathendrick RFC
15:00Irvine RFC27 - 24East Kilbride RFC
Sat 20 Oct 2018
15:00Garnock RFC28 - 11Greenock Wanderers RFC
15:00Dalziel RFC19 - 36Cumnock RFC
15:00Kilmarnock RFC27 - 17Cambuslang RFC
15:00Annan RFC32 - 29Stewartry RFC
15:00Strathendrick RFC12 - 27East Kilbride RFC
15:00Allan Glen's RFC57 - 10Irvine RFC
Sat 13 Oct 2018
15:00Stewartry RFC3 - 15Allan Glen's RFC
15:00Cambuslang RFC28 - 28Annan RFC
15:00Cumnock RFC7 - 15Kilmarnock RFC
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFC56 - 12Dalziel RFC
15:00Irvine RFC19 - 3Strathendrick RFC
15:00East Kilbride RFCP - PGarnock RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Re-scheduled to 16th March
Sat 6 Oct 2018
15:00Dalziel RFC10 - 45East Kilbride RFC
15:00Kilmarnock RFC31 - 31Greenock Wanderers RFC
15:00Annan RFC42 - 0Cumnock RFC
15:00Allan Glen's RFC81 - 12Cambuslang RFC
15:00Garnock RFC50 - 10Strathendrick RFC
15:00Stewartry RFC60 - 22Irvine RFC
Sat 29 Sep 2018
15:00Cambuslang RFC29 - 24Stewartry RFC
15:00Irvine RFC10 - 20Garnock RFC
15:00Cumnock RFC27 - 34East Kilbride RFC
Sat 22 Sep 2018
15:00Allan Glen's RFC32 - 50Greenock Wanderers RFC
15:00Stewartry RFC45 - 20Cumnock RFC
15:00Dalziel RFC21 - 49Garnock RFC
15:00Kilmarnock RFC7 - 22Strathendrick RFC
15:00Annan RFC20 - 36East Kilbride RFC
15:00Cambuslang RFC32 - 29Irvine RFC
Sat 15 Sep 2018
15:00Cumnock RFC19 - 55Cambuslang RFC
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFC45 - 0Stewartry RFC
15:00East Kilbride RFC18 - 19Allan Glen's RFC
15:00Strathendrick RFC19 - 27Annan RFC
15:00Garnock RFC22 - 7Kilmarnock RFC
15:00Irvine RFC34 - 9Dalziel RFC
Sat 8 Sep 2018
15:00Cambuslang RFC15 - 46Greenock Wanderers RFC
15:00Kilmarnock RFC28 - 37Dalziel RFC
15:00Annan RFC26 - 24Garnock RFC
15:00Allan Glen's RFC46 - 7Strathendrick RFC
15:00Stewartry RFC12 - 40East Kilbride RFC
15:00Cumnock RFC27 - 26Irvine RFC
Sat 1 Sep 2018
14:00Dalziel RFC7 - 19Annan RFC
15:00Greenock Wanderers RFC63 - 24Cumnock RFC
15:00East Kilbride RFC17 - 16Cambuslang RFC
15:00Strathendrick RFC59 - 7Stewartry RFC
15:00Garnock RFC13 - 24Allan Glen's RFC
15:00Irvine RFC25 - 17Kilmarnock RFC
1Allan Glen's RFC201820847:26158614187
2East Kilbride RFC201730704:30440012383
3Greenock Wanderers RFC181521759:26449513176
4Garnock RFC191450661:27938212371
5Irvine RFC191090492:443499251
6Annan RFC209101419:557-1386347
7Stewartry RFC228140539:625-867342
8Kilmarnock RFC227141466:603-1379342
9Strathendrick RFC18990335:505-1704040
10Cambuslang RFC225161403:927-5248131
11Cumnock RFC203170288:788-5005219
12Dalziel RFC182160306:663-3574315

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